Holly Gilliam's blog "Discovering Dad"

Here's something I just discovered and I think other members of Pythonline will enjoy it as well. I've included the first entry and the link so you can read (and look at) the rest.

Enjoy :)

Below is what Holly wrote in her first entry of the blog and I posted the images from that entry:


"Share" #1 for the 1st week of September 2012
The box I found labelled Magazines is full of all of dad's old Fang magazines (the student humor magazine he worked on when he was at Occidental College) many of which feature some great illustartions/cartoons by him, so I thought I'd share some of these:

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charlotte93: You are amazing. I heard about it some time ago, but forgot to save to website and i couldn't find it again. THANK YOU! :D

arkennedy at 11:07 am September 19

Thank you and you're welcome :)