The Holy Censorship

Following a private screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail before a member of the British Board of Film Classification prior to its theatrical release in 1975, producer Mark Forstater sent the above letter to co-producer Michael White informing him of the changes necessary in order to attain a lower rating.

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the_thina: but what the fuck! haha, that is so silly! reminds me of the masturbation-cencoring of flying circus. thank god that bit was restored to the original on my dvd-set.
its ok to strangle animals, but not to masturbate. *sigh*

Here Comes Another One at 11:36 pm October 15

I know, right? Typical.

Oh yes, and I've just been reading in the Palin diaries about Terry Jones' masturbation rant. Haha.

genji at 11:52 pm October 15

I always wondering if they really objected to the idea of masturbating while strangling animals, the same way they wanted the huge phallus (in fact a severed leg) sticking through the door removed.

I've just got to the bit in the Diaries where he discusses this letter - 27 Feb. 1975. "It's all too silly."

thewastelandr: Ahahahahhaha this is incredible! Great find!

Colonel Daughter: most hilarious letter I have ever read

mrsCutout: Hahahaha! That's so cool! Where did you find it?Ah classic stuff! You know Cook and Moore did a sketch about this once !

Paute: I saw it on Tumblr. Yes, I have the book wich this letter.
It´s an amazing book!

Not that late: Lucky they didn't give a sh*t about this letter, maybe they never read it, looks like they used the back of the paper to write something else.

Here Comes Another One: Wow, this is interesting! Hilarious in retrospect, too!