Holy Grail Game Clips

Some video clips from the 7th Level "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" game - I don't think they're on the site. And as many of you know, we are privileged to have some of the original creators among us...

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TheSister91: oh dear... it makes me smile.. but I feel kinda pity for him!! eheh

Hanri: Thanks so much for sharing these! I've always wondered what the game looks like.

CamelSpotter at 6:42 pm November 11

No problem! I was very excited when I found them. There's a lot of good stuff from the user, "themontypythonmuseum".

the_thina: haha, who knew the black knight was so emotional. like it, thank you! do you know who is narrating? sounds a bit like eric, but Im not sure...

CamelSpotter at 6:38 pm November 11

Yes, my thought was Eric as well, but I don't know.

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs at 8:22 am November 12

Yes, it's definitely our Mr. Idle doing the voice - he also produced the game, and he, Michael, Terry and Terry provided newly recorded material (with John and Graham present on unheard audio clips from the making of the movie).

The games are excellent, with hours of new Python material (John joined the others for "The Meaning of Life" game) and very silly puzzles to solve.

the_thina at 9:19 am November 12

thank you for clearing that up. :) man, I wish I had some python-games. but from 'what I have understood they would not work with xp, or vista that I have at the moment even if I hate it...