hot tip... so damn funny!

ok, I few days back I stumbeld upon this amazingly funny guy on youtube.
he does amazing impersinations of or example beatles (all o them) freddie mercury, david bowie, beegees and so on and so on.
have been watching and laughing ever since and decided to now tell you about him, since I have a feeling you guys would like him too.
how come he is not world-famous is beyond me.
do a search on steveie riks and you will find him.

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MontyPython93: Haha I saw this guy some years ago, he's great :P

Tanya_Birklid19: I stumbled on him a couple years ago and I find him amazing!! And funny :)

the_thina at 3:51 pm July 22

hmm, seems everyone found him a few years ago. I feel like Im late to the party. haha

Alainainthesky: I do love this guy! My mom stumbled across him a few years ago after being confused why John Lennon and Freddie Mercury were hanging out together.
I love his Paul McCartney. Dooooooooo.

the_thina at 7:17 am July 22

haha, did your mom think it WAS the real freddie and john. ok, his john is very close to the real thing, but freddie... naaaah. freddie DID have big teeth, but not THAT big. haha.
I love the one where george harrison is making a curry-dinner and everytime he says harry it comes two morons singing harre krishna. haha.
and when freddie and barry gibb sings laughing policeman. his barry looks like a horny and stoned golden retvriver! hahaha

Alainainthesky at 3:19 pm July 22

Uhhm, yeah. Admittedly, she was a little intoxicated.
Haha, I do love that one! He does a pretty good George.
You're right, he does! Haha!
I love both his how to be like John & Paul.

the_thina at 3:26 pm July 22

hahaha, ok then. ^^
and yeah, he does make a good george. and a good john. (my 2 fav beatles)
but I have yet not seen him do anyone he was not good at. crazy talanted and can really bring out the small funny manners people have

Alainainthesky at 3:32 pm July 22

That's true! It's amazing how much he can act/look like people with little changes like that.

the_thina at 3:38 pm July 22

yeah, and he does good voice impersinations as well. very good in fact.

Alainainthesky at 3:40 pm July 22

And he can sing like them on top of it! It's one thing to be able to sound like someone with your speaking voice, I think, but to sing like them is a lot harder.

the_thina at 7:51 pm July 22

ooooh! now Im exited, and gotta blab it to someone. just found one where he does john lydon, aka johnny rotten and its PERFECTION! and I should know, Ive been a pistols-fan since I was born more or less... the voice, the accent, the way he speaks, the words he use,the eyes, the way he moves, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

the_thina at 3:52 pm July 22

hmmm, have never thought of the difference. but maybe you are right

Lady and Laird Candermine: "How's your mother...?"
.... ho oh ho .. he's fun isn't he!!! ...
thank you, Thina for the new face and jollies!~ : )

the_thina at 2:17 pm July 21

haha, yes he is super-fun, and of all the pepole he does I like the freddie best. :)
happy you liked him too

Lady and Laird Candermine at 2:42 pm July 21

Stevie makes really great faces.. his timing is superb!!!
I'm going share with the Laird ... I know he's going to get a hoot out of it.. I got to start with the Bee Gees cause we go round singing like them and crackin' each other up... I love the Bee Gees ... but they are rather fun to make a giggle to... especially when singing like a Bee Gee to a non Bee Gee song..
thanks again, Thina hope you've been doin' fine.. hugs.. got to run.. the Lady

the_thina at 2:56 pm July 21

yeah, his faces are really great! and in the video I posted here above, the way he keeps saying "yes" really gets me going... as in "and I had this urge to go to the toilet, yes!" dont ask me why, just find it incredibly funny. and the way he goes "DAY-O!" before he jumps out of frame. haha.
oh, beegees... well, I do like them sometimes, depending on my mood, but their high-pitch voices can be annoying to me as well.. haha.
oh thank you, Im doing ok. just a summer-cold, but Ill get over it. hope everything is good at your corner of the world as well. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 1:14 pm July 23

Hey Sweetie!... sorry about your cold... hope you feel better soon!
Been busy with visiting family... on both sides of the Lairds and my family.. when it rains it pours.... crazy times here ... got to see my niece whom I adore!!! TOTALLY awsome child!!!! ... we are lovin' the summer!!! when we have a relaxing moment...we started watching Michael goin' round the world... from the start!!! ..... good gosh.. 22 years ago.. seem like five in my memory...

... they way Stevie does say.. Day o, yes and stuff... great fun.. LOL ... I never thought I'd like the Bee Gees ... back in the day they seemed so disco ... ick.. but now I'm all sentimental about some bubblegum silliness... at least it's happy music.. and need that so much!!! ..... good to chat with ya...
... hugs to you Thina!~!... gots to run!!! ENJOY! : )

the_thina at 1:57 pm July 23

yea, but Ive always got a cold. in the speing and summer its the pollen, in the fall and winter its the cold weather. so I never can breathe correctly through my nose. haha. but Im used to it. 22 years? that long ago? christ!

haha, yeah... as I said... I have some sort of strange hate-love-relationship to the beegees. think I would have liked them better if it werent for the high-pitch, as I said... haha

mrsCutout: I know him!A frined sent me a vidoe of him recently!I've seen him do the BGs the beatles and mik Jagger!And elvis haha he is amazing!His name is Stevie Riks!He has his own channel!

the_thina at 7:14 am July 21

yeah, he is really amazing. I like his freddie mercury best I think. probobly because freddie was so... larger than life really, but I dont think Ive seen any comedian do hom before.

mrsCutout at 3:35 pm July 21

No that's true hahaha!