And now for something completely different...

I am a huge fan of the Pythons, and admire their non-linear method of storytelling (you know, the way they told stories in the old episodes of FLYING CIRCUS; with absurd segues and recurring themes).

I admire that style of storytelling so much, in fact, that I borrowed it for my first book, the black comedy HOW TO EAT FRIED FURRIES. It's a novella set in a world where farmers raise furries (you know, people in animal costumes) as livestock. Along the way, I introduce not only furries, but also reverse-furries. The Amish make an appearance, as do the dastardly Pseudo-Amish.

I'm intending to share this with everyone here...not as "spam" (for, as we know, the Pythons DON'T LIKE SPAM).

But I just want to thank the Pythons for being ground-breakers on television all those years ago. It makes it a little easier to be (hopefully) breaking new ground in fiction these days.

Anyone interested in checking out my book can do so at Just click on the linky.

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Nicole Cushing: I am currently working on getting in touch with the Pythonline folks to find a way to post an excerpt of the book. More info. when I hear back from them.

Tanya_Birklid19: It sounds very interesting. Okay, now I want to read it.

mrsCutout: Wow that's interesting!!

Nicole Cushing: You can win a FREE copy of this book today (until 7:00 p.m, Pacific Time) by entering a contest at . Check out the site for details (there's no cost to enter).

genji: Maybe you can post the first chapter here so we can get a feel for it?

Nicole Cushing at 1:53 pm November 07

Genji, that's an excellent thought! I need to check with the publisher to see if they would okay that (and maybe with Pythonline, too?) Would they be okay with that?


genji at 4:50 am November 08

If you explain the Python link (influence, tribute, style, etc.) then Pythonline wouldn't have a problem with the content, as long as you have permission to post copyrighted material.

Sgt. Looney: "bizzaro author series"? didn't know about that....damn you Trinidad and your lack of advertising!
Nice idea for a book though. I'll ask for it for Christmas ;)