hunting tigers/på tigerjakt of topic as hell

ok, when I started listening more to bonzoz about a year back I was convince Ive heard swedish verions of both "hunting tigers" and "look out theres a monster comming"
I have searched high and low, but cant find anything more than a few povel ramel-songs that kinda sounds like monster.... but the tigersong? nothing. just these twomorons that have the swdish title "hunting tigers" = "tigerjakt" but thats where all simularities end Im afrad. but still, I post it here so you guys can see what the late 70s/early 80s generation here in sweden grew up watching. nowonder we are all crazy, eh?

but IF there was a swedish verion of the real tiger songI suspect these boysmade it.I have 3 LPs, 4 cds and a whole bunch of casett-tapes with them, so its very possible its on there... this song you will recognize, and fun fact. This was filmed the same day I was born:

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