I Accidentally Two Holy Grails by Damn Creepers

I was at the Assembly Summer 2011 last weekend with my husband in Helsinki, and they always have these amazing competitions, mostly dealing with coding and stuff. But there's this one short film compo where you can do basically anything you want, and this one blew my mind. :) Sadly it came second (though the winner was some skillful animation), but I think you guys might enjoy this!

(And Minecraft players too!)

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mrs galahad 19: Favorite bit:
(monster voice) RAWR I'm going to beat you up and - (high pitch) Oh, it's you, Arthur!

Johnnyrose: Sooooo cooooool!!

the_thina: as usually, my brain seem to focus on the wrong things... I just got annoyed because apart from arthur I cant tell whos supposed to be who. :(

mrs galahad 19: This was flippin' awesome, Hanri! Me gusta :) (translation: I like)

the_thina at 10:55 pm August 08

haha, oh shit, now you got me remebering roskilde... uuuhm... 2002 I think... the whole festival our tentneighbours were playing this song over and over and OVER: http://youtu.be/mzgjiPBCsss

a_nervous_wreck: ................................. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh god, if I would've been drinking milk it would now be sprayed all over the monitor. That was awesome! Especially the beginning when they brought out the IKEA book, that was so funny. Thanks for sharing this Hanri :)