I am not dead yet!

Christ it's been a while hasn't it since I was last on here! Christ on a gondola. Well, hello all you new people, you very nice new people, you. And hello to old comrades! I am back! After years of climbing mountains, valleys and fjords to look for the gateway to Narnia (which I still haven't found), battling evil aliens with the Avengers, appearing in several productions of The Mikado as the role of Ko-Ko, I am returning to my roots of one those fandoms I have been a part of since ... dinosaurs roamed the earth. What has kept me away? One word: Tumblr.

A wand'ring minstrel I, a thing of thread and patches, of ballads, songs, and snatches and dreamy lullabies ... sorry ... currently listening to The Mikado album. May your parrots be dead, your brains hurting, your cats confused and may the force be with you.

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