I did it! I registerd in Michael's travels!

I just decided to register in michael's site Palin's treaves! I am still trying to figure out how it works but it is just amazing! I mean this is great stuff!So meny information and all theese things from the travels i just couldn't imagin Wow!Is any of you people there?

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Tanya_Birklid19: I'm on there! mp_addict19 is my SN.

mrsCutout at 4:06 pm March 24

Cool! How can i add you as a friend?

Paute: I there too. The same name. :D

kisch: I'm a member there too and I used to post quite a lot but then I got fed up with some people there and gave up. Although, I still post to my own thread there called Palin Newsletter, where I post all Palin news I can find, links to the interviews, vids and stuff.
I must say, the content of the site itself is very rich and quite well organised.
It's a pity that the forum in such a decline. I guess, there are many people registered and not posting, who can really liven it up... maybe if we all start posting stuff about Michael, life, universe abd everything, it'd be fun. ear Mr Palin does deserve some interesting subjects to be discussed on his forum, don't you think?

mrsCutout at 3:22 pm March 22

Oh yes indeed! He sure deserves it! oh i know your thread i was just reading it yesterday god one!!!!I had no idea it was yours very good indeed!Now that vacation 's on the way I'll try to post stuff too! *blush*

Lady April: I used to post there like 2 years ago but now I just read.

thewastelandr: Yes, I am on there too, but I haven't posted anything yet. Just feeling my way around.

arkennedy: I have an account as well but I mostly just log on to read his books and look at the pics. I've never posted anything on the message board.

flopsy_mrs: great :) i have an account on there to yet i haven't logged in about 1 year to my shame

mrsCutout at 3:23 pm March 22

oh shame one you we should spank you!!Lol!