I got it!!

OKAY!!! So I have finally concocted a limerick to mail to dear Michael Palin and I wanted your guys' opinions before I mailed it with my letter. It's not exactly your conventional limerick, but Michael isn't your conventional man so there you go. Anyhoo...here it is:

There once was a man named Michael
Who wanted a red unicycle
but instead he received
a dead parrot named Steve
(terribly sorry, Mr. Palin, but seeing as virtually nothing rhymes with your name, I could not think of a punchline for your limerick)

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Tanya_Birklid19: I think it's fantasmical!!! I plan on sending a letter, too. I sent a letter once to Dan Aykroyd and I got an autograph from him. this was probably three or four summers ago and it made my day. :)

Lady April: cycle rhymes with Michael =)

The Ex-Leper at 3:55 pm December 17

yes and that's about it...hence the final line lol : D

Stig: It needs one more line that rhymes Michael

WolfSpirit at 1:50 pm December 16

Hence the point of the thing in the parentheses.
"terribly sorry, Mr. Palin, but seeing as virtually nothing rhymes with your name, I could not think of a punchline for your limerick"
No rhyme with Michael... no punch line

The Ex-Leper at 2:15 pm December 16

exactly! because of the pythons never having punchlines in sketches and stuff

thewastelandr at 8:58 pm December 16

I love it!

The Ex-Leper: another thing! does he automatically send back an autograph or should I request one?

mrsCutout: Hahaha it's so funny lol!

The Ex-Leper: great thanks I will try to concoct an actual letter and mail it here pretty soon maybe over christmas break because I will have a lot of free time. do you guys know how long it will take for me to get a response from him or even if I will get one?

thewastelandr: Are you writing more or just sending the limerick?

The Ex-Leper at 2:12 pm December 14

well I am planning on a full letter with the limerick included

thewastelandr at 9:48 pm December 14

Good idea! That is so cool - I bet he'll love it!

kisch: Good start, but I would suggest that you'd finish the limeric ! It looks... well, unfinished:)
As for how many stamps etc, I think you just go to the post office and say you want to post a letter to the UK, I'm sure they will help you out !

The Ex-Leper at 2:13 pm December 14

it's supposed to be unfinished because it goes along with how the pythons almost always never had a punchline for their sketches and it is disorienting and also because I honestly couldn't think of a finishing line to go there : )

thewastelandr: Hahaha! Love it!!!

sit-on-my-face: yeah... well you've got to look how many stamps are needed for England particularly but anyway, go to a post office and they'll do it all. I also wish very much to send him a word... but that's stressing me out!!! What could we say without sounding corny or worst... ORDINARY...

The Ex-Leper: also I have never mailed anything to anyone out of the country before (I live in America) and I was wondering exactly how it works...liek if I have to pay a fee or how many stamps I need or stuff like that so if you have any information/advice please let me know thanks! : )

WolfSpirit at 2:46 pm December 14

You need to have 'United Kingdom' as the last line of the sending adrress and 'USA' as last line of the return.
You can check postage online at the usps.com website.... the heavier/bigger the more expensive. I think it was around 1-3 dollars last i sent... i forgot... it's been a while but yea
thats basically it. lol

The Ex-Leper at 4:59 pm December 14


WolfSpirit at 1:52 pm December 16

No problem. I've sent a few things to the UK before so it should be alright. I still don't trust international post though but theres no way to et around.
However... it generally can take up to a month+ or so to even reach him. At least if you do regular first class mail.

The Ex-Leper at 5:00 pm December 14

OH! another thing! does he automatically send back an autograph or should I request one?

sit-on-my-face: HER NAME IS POLLY!!!!!!
Still good anyway! (maybe "punchline" is better than finishing line? Like in all those "The BBC would like to apologise for this lame sketch without any proper punchline. You must understand that we're kind of short on money these days..." and so on.

The Ex-Leper at 6:19 pm December 13

yes but Steve rhymes with receive so it works but yes I think I will change finishing line to punchline right now...yea the whole no munchline thing was what I was aiming for because they did it all the time with sketches so thanks! : )