I hate my new cellphone! can someone help?

so I had to get a new cell. a samsung e1080 this time. and I thought as everytime I get a new one "well nice, now maybe I can get some nice ringtone" (this time I was thinking in the lines of liberty bell, lumberjack song or maybe the bruce-song)
and I get home, read through the manual and see no wap, no bluetooth or something of that sort.
not even a composer as my old nokia had!
so now I ask you, anyone who knows a site where you can send a sms with a code and get back an sms with a ringtone in it, without wap or bluetooth?
I know sites like that used to exist, they cant all be gone, can they?

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flopsy_mrs: well u can buy stuf like that but there verry expensive and there very hard to stop i mean if ur sick of the ring tone they'll still charge u etc but here we have jamba u can chek that on google i think :)

the_thina at 6:00 am April 03

well. I dont want to pay at all haha. and if I have to Ill pay MAX one euro! :P we have jamba here too, and lets just say... Im not dumb enough to fall for that shit. no fucking way!