I have some questions for you guys! Sacrebleu!

Hi! How are you since ... since the long time I am not taunting around?;) Much kisses to you chéris! :)

Actually my two questions are little bit silly but:

1)I was looking here if there is not images of the pythons in "southpark" avatars and if you know some, to send here some of them. Merci!^^

2) Have you ever introduce yourself (on facebook, Google+, Myspace, twitter or other social speace) with the nick name you choses to take here?

-Well I did say once that "I am a French Taunter trying to fetch an album -of certain Artist- also taunt after English cookies (because, we frogs(xD)we are not able to do good cookies as the "cookie monster" I am like them. And then I said that will have to cross the Channel to get thes things since I am in Normandy". At the end I also did a southpark avatar on FB, of the Artist I want to fetch the album since it is not avalable in France. That Artist who says he is always laughing of all and very 'peace and love' did not understand "French Taunter's Humour" and he kicked me out of his page (maybe he has a problem, I though, with the MP's humour! xD).

Your turn to say the silly things you have done with pythonline's nicknames or other things and show (me) funny drawings as we need to laugh more than ever now! ;)

Much bisous to You mes chéris! XXX (FT)

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