I love see new group pictures!

... at least they are new for me...
(even if one of them is too small)

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I love the look on Graham's face in that last pic :)

btw: I've resized that pic for you to make it larger.

the_thina: these were new to me too. thank you. even if late 80s-group-pic with gray makes me a bit sad, because I cant stop thinking that he probobly allready was sick then without knowing it..

thewastelandr: I love the last one where Terry J is between David's legs...


I've always liked this group pic. XD

Lvndr HppE:

Read about this in Michael's Python Years diaries, and after I read about it, I had to find the famous Richard Avedon picture of the guys.

thewastelandr at 11:54 am January 10

YUM! I can never see enough pics of Terry J's bottom!


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Lady April: New for me too my friend! Thanks so much for posting them!

Lvndr HppE: Yeah, I love any group picture, young or old.

WackyQueen: Oo i like them all! :D

Paute: I love this people. Genius!

Lady of the Lake: The first one is funny. They look so relaxed. Are John and Graham going jogging...look at their clothes. ;-) But why are they drinking coffee or whatever there are in the mugs...

The second picture is quite new I guess. I love it! Silly men!

The Ex-Leper: I could be wrong though....8D

The Ex-Leper: I have also noticed that it seems as though Michael is the only Python left without a visible receded hairline hahaha

kisch at 4:07 am January 03

He cleverly disguises it. I have seen him very close - there isn't much left of his gorgeous fringe. Still, he's got a good hairdresser:))
Eric has more hair of all of them though.

Lady of the Lake at 10:21 am January 03

That was after Terry G cut his long hair. I loved his ponytail, even he is very cool with short hair and rattail too.

The Ex-Leper at 9:43 am January 03

oh Eric and his glorious mane...Ive always loved his hair the best lol

The Ex-Leper: Ohh I love the top one...probably bc dear Graham is in it : )

Johnnyrose at 7:48 am January 03

That's why I love it too! The complet gang!

Fettle: GREAT pic!!!!!

kisch: Never seen this one ! Thank you Johnny:))
John is as always with his hand on Michael's shoulder. Sweet.

Johnnyrose at 12:31 pm January 02

... and Terry J. is always making funny faces... LOL

thewastelandr at 9:47 pm January 02

I love his funny faces! He's a classic dork.