I made a baby with Michael Palin.... NOT LITERALLY!

Found a really cool Morphing site and couldn't stop playing on it!! I'm having way to much fun with this thing, So, Tomorrow John

Here is the site link, and a different baby morph!

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Lvndr HppE:

Plus, I redid my baby with a younger Michael picture. This one is much cuter.

Lvndr HppE:

I just wanted to show off my baby with Neil.

bundtcake at 8:00 am April 02

Your John Cleese baby and your Michael baby (the younger pic) look a lot alike. Very cute. :)

arkennedy at 7:50 pm April 01

I used to work at a dollar store and one of our regular customers had a little girl who looked almost exactly like that.

Lvndr HppE at 9:03 pm April 02

I'm hoping without the five o'clock shadow.

arkennedy at 10:38 pm April 02

Don't worry, she didn't have the five o'clock shadow :)

Lvndr HppE:

I might have to get a younger picture of Mikey, because this picture is just plain awful!

Lvndr HppE at 11:14 am March 29

However, I think my baby with John Cleese is adorable!

upperclasstwit at 9:45 am March 30

I do too!!! The first baby I put of I used an older pic of Micahel.. You can see his wonderful laugh lines!!

mrsbeethoven: Quite an interesting site. We used photos of my sister and her boyfriend and the outcome was very believable, and freaky at the same time. It looked like his neice.

upperclasstwit at 7:57 pm March 28

I think the stuff you can do with pictures now is amazing.. I'm really into graphic art.. this kinda thing blows me away is an odd sense.. I remember when instant Polaroids came out.. and no one thought that could ever be beat...And instant picture?? LOL


I decided to try something a little stranger. I morphed Michael with my cat.

upperclasstwit at 4:34 pm March 27

HAHHA!! It looks cool!!!

arkennedy at 9:05 pm March 27

Thanks :)

Lvndr HppE at 8:00 pm March 28

LOL. It looks like his Avatar!

Lvndr HppE:

Aw, man. Your baby came out cuter than mine!

Holly at 10:25 am March 27

haha, that was great

kisch at 12:13 pm March 26

This is positively scary!:))

thewastelandr at 10:49 am March 26

Hahaha... I don't think that's a baby! That is you and Michael morphed together!

upperclasstwit at 11:12 am March 26

HAHA To funny!

bundtcake at 11:55 am March 26

What an interesting looking child. :)

upperclasstwit at 12:02 pm March 26

What site do you morph the two ppl together on?

thewastelandr at 12:23 pm March 26

The same site. Instead of clicking "Morph child" just click "morph."

upperclasstwit at 2:07 pm March 27


bundtcake: Lol! I think you need to "do" Eric next. ;P

upperclasstwit at 2:20 pm March 27

Here you go!!!

Lvndr HppE at 9:41 am March 29


upperclasstwit at 2:22 pm March 25

HAHHAAHA I love you.. You crack me up!!

TheSister91: ehehe! the title is confusing, but... the second Michael baby is soooo cute!!

upperclasstwit at 9:48 am March 25

Thanks, I think he or she is the cutest too!!


As Promised... John Cleese!! He is the funnest to make a baby with by far!!! Click and you'll understand why LMAO!!!

upperclasstwit at 7:24 am March 25


thewastelandr at 7:31 am March 25


upperclasstwit at 7:37 am March 25

Oh man! I laughed for a good 10 mins....

thewastelandr: Hahaha so funny!!! I made a baby with Stephen Fry, and it looked nothing like either of us. Go figure! Stupid ugly baby!

Holly at 9:16 am March 25

OH, I'd like to see that!

upperclasstwit at 9:45 am March 25

Me too!!!!

thewastelandr at 11:52 am March 25

Ok I'll redo it..

thewastelandr at 11:56 am March 25


upperclasstwit at 12:21 pm March 25

I think he's cute!!!

thewastelandr at 12:56 pm March 25

I guess, but I don't think our child would have blonde hair! That's what is throwing me off. The eyes are very Stephen though...

thewastelandr at 11:58 am March 25

I prefer this one much better... it's me and Stephen morphed into one! So... Staura? Laphen?

thewastelandr at 12:14 pm March 25

And I morphed my brother with Adolf Hitler... Funny!!

upperclasstwit at 12:20 pm March 25


thewhoserpython at 12:47 pm March 26

I think me and Michael make a cute child awwww :)

upperclasstwit at 10:26 am March 28

I do too!! HAHA I knew it was Michael before I read your comment.. It LOOKS like him, just blonde!!!

Zoot just Zoot at 10:20 am March 28

Gosh! The more I see your "creations" on Pythonline,the more I convinced - you're just morons! No,I'm not going to apologies - YOU ARE MORONS!!! Listen,you have nothing else to do,or what? I have no words...
If he was so good and kind man,you think he likes it? In general,what you're done this,what for? Or it's really funny?
Oh,what a pity that I'm not in Spanish Inquisition!!!
P.S. You could,at least,respect his age....
P.P.S. Where is your vaunted European culture?

upperclasstwit at 10:27 am March 28

I'm not a Moron.. I'm a twit!!! Get it right next time!!

thewastelandr at 1:17 pm March 28

It's ok, UCTwit... some people just don't know how to keep their pointless opinions to themselves. Zoot - why do you care what people do with their time?

upperclasstwit at 1:59 pm March 28

Oh I don't care.... $10 they are on the site daily making morphs.