I made a baby with Michael Palin.... NOT LITERALLY!

Found a really cool Morphing site and couldn't stop playing on it!! I'm having way to much fun with this thing, So, Tomorrow John

Here is the site link, and a different baby morph!

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thewastelandr at 2:06 pm March 28

Hahaha yup you are so right!

Zoot just Zoot at 2:41 am March 29

As you wish,my dear,let it be "twit" or "a village idiot",I don't care... You know,we in Russia have a saying: "Horseradish radish is not sweeter",think aboun it a little,sometimes it is useful)) I don't care,you don't care and,thank God that Michael also doesn't care "what people do with their time"

upperclasstwit at 3:27 am March 29

*Sighs*.. I'll explain!!! The Horseradish/Radish thing was exactly my point! If you call me a Moron or anything else that I'm willing to call myself.. Its going to Kinda lose its impact!! I'm glad your have decided NOT to care what I ( a Stranger) do in my spare time..And to celebrate I've made a Morph of me and Michael just for you!!

Zoot just Zoot at 2:47 am March 30

Oh! Better confess,woman,confess!)) Or I will poke you with the soft cushions!))