I need to get this off my chest....

This one person said in a video of Eric Idle Python clips "This is why i believe that David Jones hsould never had been the british Monkee. Eric wouldve fit in much better as the british member, he was goofy enough and at the sametime had that "heartthrob" charm about him. He could even croon like a teen pop "idle" (pun intended)
Yes, Eric Idle should've been in the Monkees. "

I must say... I love Davy to death.... But OMG YES!

That would make him bein both my my favorite shows and my favoerite musical group... in my 2 favorite decades lol

I like that idea... really do.... lol AND he'd be able to be in Monkees AND Python because The Monkees were basically over before Python started. It would be close but make it.

Ok.. had to get that off my chest lol

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the_thina: ok; Iknow of the monkees, but not enough to know who the guy you are talking about is...

arkennedy at 9:39 pm January 16

My mother was a fan of the Monkees back in the 1960s or 1970s (whenever their tv show was on) and later on she showed some of the episodes to me.

Davey Jones is the shortest one in the pic that Wolfspirit posted (the one on the far right) he was the only member of the Monkees who was British the rest were all American.

WolfSpirit at 2:47 pm January 17

It's Davy Jones... no 'e'

Like Micky Dolenz... no 'e'

the_thina at 9:46 pm January 16

the one in the right corner you mean? kinda funny that his name was davey jones... as in "davey jones locker"

arkennedy at 10:39 pm January 16

Yeah, I agree it is kind of funny :) In fact when I was very young (before I started school) and people said "Davey Jones Locker" I thought they were talking about his locker at his school.

the_thina at 3:32 am January 17

hahaha.oh christ! XD well, not quite the same thing... haha

arkennedy at 11:19 am January 17

I have to admit when I found out what people really meant when they said "Davey Jones Locker" it made much more sense :)

the_thina at 11:44 am January 17

haha yeah. but something I have been thinking about... disney got it a bit wrong, right? davey jones had nothing to do with the flying dutchman in the original legends? at least not how I have heard them.

Fettle: I agree, Eric would have been a wonderful member of the Monkees but we wouldnt love him the way we do today. And there may not have been any Python, and if there was it wouldnt be the same without Eric.

Lvndr HppE at 2:52 pm January 18

Exactly! Thank you, Fettle. And if Eric Idle hadn't been in Python, then there would have been no "Nudge, Nudge". The Monkees might have been the ones singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." And, there would be no Spamalot!

WolfSpirit at 2:23 pm January 19

You're both forgetting that if we can change the fact of Eric and Davy a few simple time span changes are easy to.

If you want to get that precise about it Davy came to America under BBC contract to do Oliver, if I remember correctly, and so he was already licensed to be a Monkee because they were like 'ok go do it' ((In veeeerry basic not QUITE accurate terms))

So if we're switching that around we can easily switch time frames of when the Monkees were and when the Pythons were and everything like that.

So there could still have been Monkees and Python. Simple act of pushing dates around.

Lvndr HppE: Yeah, but then Eric Idle wouldn't have been in Do Not Adjust Your Set, which is where he met Gilliam and worked with TJ and Palin. Plus, I can't really imagine Eric Idle on the Brady Bunch, singing "Girl". Davy Jones produces a sort of cutseyness that I believe Eric Idle would have thrown himself out a window before do himself.

Lvndr HppE at 10:31 pm January 14

Plus, what made the Monkees work in the beginning was the equal mix of actors and musicians. (Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith being the musicians, Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz being the actors) On the other hand, Micky Dolenz was in a band before joining the Monkees. So then, you put Eric Idle in the mix and you've got four guitarists. I don't see Eric Idle holding a pair of maracas and singing "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You". Not to mention that all the short jokes would have then been put on Peter Tork, a former love of my life.

Stig: I missed out on all the good music! Does anyone know of the band Queen?

mrsCutout at 5:31 am January 16

oh i just love them!!!!! amazing!their songs are great!one of my favorite bands!I love i want to break free and the show must go on!

Fettle at 2:01 am January 16

One of my favourite bands, I have a tattoo of Freddie on my leg surrounded by lyrics of "No-One but you" :)

WolfSpirit at 7:37 pm January 13

Yea... i know the earlier stuff more ...
I love Bohemian Rhapsody though... I ADORE the part on Waynes World with the head banging in the car lol

I know more songs of groups then the actual group said song belonged to... but thats mostly cause I always hear mix cds and the radio (it's set perminatly on the oldies channel lol)

Holly at 7:18 pm January 13

I love Queen, "I want to Break Free" is one of my favorite songs

Romanes Eunt Domus at 7:24 pm January 13

Of course! I prefer the early stuff: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Killer Queen" and such. "I Want to Break Free" is good too. My favorite, though, is "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

I'm really a Who addict, though. Imagine my karmic glee when I opened my shiny new copy of Monty Python Live! and found a picture of Pete Townshend and Eric Idle.

Holly at 7:29 pm January 13

Whenever "Bohemian Rhapsody" come on my Dad & I headbang (I know it's predictable, but it's our thing) Freddie Mercury had such a beautiful voice.

thewastelandr at 7:47 pm January 13

Oh that is so cool, Holly! I love the scene in Wayne's World when they are lip-syncing it while driving.

Holly at 7:50 pm January 13

That movie introduced me to Queen

thewastelandr at 8:29 pm January 13

Yes! Same here!

Holly: Have you seen the movie "Head" ?

WolfSpirit at 6:33 pm January 13

HEAD is my favorite movie of all time. Even now when I'm not super 'live, breath, and sleep Monkees' It's my favorite movie.
And I understand it perfectly. lol

Holly at 7:05 pm January 13

They were completely stoned when they wrote it w/ Jack Nicholson. If you pay attention you see Jack in one of the scenes, but I can't remember which.

Lvndr HppE at 10:11 pm January 14

I know which scene you mean. It's right after Peter Tork punched out that guy dressed as a woman.

WolfSpirit at 7:17 pm January 13

Yea I know... and I bet they were stoned filming some of it.

I'm pretty sure you see Nicholson in the bit before "As We Go Along"

you know... Peter hits that waitress... they cut... Peter's all like "Was that right man? Me hitting a gilrl?" Jack comes though the screen like he's one of the set workers I'm pretty sure.

Holly at 7:19 pm January 13

yes, that's right! It's all coming back to me now...

WolfSpirit at 7:35 pm January 13

Haha I've seen the movie millions of times I swear lol.

I could, if I wanted, tell nearly the whole script word for word (or paraphrased in some bits) or whatever... even though I haven't seen it in months lol

I love it.. I think I just like that kind of stream of conciousness movie... i mean HEAD is my favorite movie of all time... and I think meaning of Life is my favorite Python film. And it has the least linear plot lol

Holly: Oh, that would have been great, I saw the Mokees in a reunion concert a few years back. Mike Nesmeth wasn't there, Eric would have been great in it!

WolfSpirit at 6:36 pm January 13

*is jelous* I've always wanted to go to a reunion concert. I was to little and poor to ever have gone in the 90s and if I remember correctly they didn't tour America for the early 2000s reunion.

And now they seem all very set in not doing it again which makes me so sad =(

Yea... Eric would have made a great Monkee... and I think people would have taken them more seriously for some reason.

Haha I need to go write a fanfic now....

LOL OMG a huge cross over is forming in my head now... opps.... I mustn't write it..... I have no where to post it after all lol

Holly at 7:07 pm January 13

I own every Monkees CD (& Simon & Garfunkel) I was born 20 year too late. I feel like I've missed everything great.

WolfSpirit at 7:18 pm January 13

Yep... I own all the Monkees CDs and most of the best of's as well. It's very hard to play me a Monkees song I don't have lol.

And I have some of the records as well...

I also have all the episodes on VHS.

And the pride of my collection... Headquarters Sessions.

yea I was born to late as well... if only I had I time machine... I'd go to the 60s and enjoy the Monkees and all that here in America ... then fly over to England and enjoy Monty Python lol

Holly at 10:16 pm January 14

My favorite episode it the Fairy Tale episode.

Stig: That would have been awesome! To bad it didn't happen.

WolfSpirit at 6:37 pm January 13

I know... oh well... Eric is a great Python and Davy was a great Monkee lol