I Saw Spamalot...!

I finally saw it! Last Saturday (9th October I think) I saw Spamalot at the Theatre Royal in Norwich. It was amazing...the songs, the dances, the sketches, the costumes...As good as if the Python's themselves had performed it : ) I've declared myself an official Pythian (d'you see what I did there?) now, after finally seeing it!

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kissmyarrrtichoke: I saw it in Oxford!!! Not as good as the West End but hey. And I noticed they changed the 'Jew' song to 'star' and did you notice the knights bore the crests of Cambridge University and various colleges...


LemonCurry95 at 12:40 pm November 10

I should say : D

clockworkgirl21: My dad tried to get me to see Spamalot when the American tour was here, but I decided not to go. It's not my type of show. I like to be moved to tears when I see live theater, which is why I like RENT, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, etc. I'm not saying those shows can't be funny. Wicked is. I just don't go to shows for comedy. However, I do have the OBC Always Look on the Bright Side of Life song on my Ipod. Too bad Every Sperm is Sacred couldn't have been slipped in as well.

clockworkgirl21: My dad tried to get me to see Spamalot when the American tour was here, but I decided not to go. It's not my type of show. I like to be moved to tears when I see live theater, which is why I like RENT, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, etc. I'm not saying those shows can't be funny. Wicked is. I just don't go to shows for comedy. However, I do have the OBC Always Look on the Bright Side of Life song on my Ipod. Too bad Every Sperm is Sacred couldn't have been slipped in as well.

clockworkgirl21 at 12:25 am October 21

Sorry, computer refreshed. If this could be deleted?

LemonCurry95 at 6:15 am October 23

All three comments, or just this and the repeat? Good choice of song for your IPod, by the way : ) I know what you mean with theatre. I would only go for comedy, as personally I wouldn't enjoy a really moving show, or even panto (*spits*) ; P

genji at 9:05 am October 23

I think a Xmas Pantomython could be entertaining.

LemonCurry95 at 11:06 am October 24

Yeah, that might work. Still, it'd have to be bloody good for me to want to go...Panto to me is like vegetables for small kids = PLEASE, NO! DON'T MAKE ME!

mrsCutout at 7:29 am October 23

Same here! Well ok i wouldn't mind a good moving play but I'd rather see musical comedies like Spamalot or the Producers etc!

Mrs Conclusion: Hi there, Official Pythian! (I like it!) Pleased you enjoyed SPAMALOT, it was awesome when I saw it at the Derngate Theatre, Northampton in September. Truly wonderful show! x

LemonCurry95 at 3:22 am October 19

Oh nice : ) You weren't in D1 by any chance? I was in row D...not in 1 though...
Truly, TRULY wonderful show : D

The Ex-Leper: I AM GOING MAY 22ND!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!

LemonCurry95 at 3:23 am October 19

It's FANTASTIC! You'll love it! Get a program thingy when you go, there's an Eric Idle CD in it, a little souvenir to remember it by : )

mrsCutout at 7:30 am October 23

Aaaahhh! You lucky bastards! I am green now! And an Eric cd?OmG

LemonCurry95 at 11:07 am October 24

Hahaha, green?!?!? Yep, an Eric CD too : D

The Ex-Leper at 6:14 pm November 10

the only thing concerning me is I checked ticket prices and they are bleeding expensive I am not sure I can afford it... do you know if ticket prices will decrease as the show date gets closer?

mrsCutout: oh my that's awesom! Ah I envy you lucky bastard! But congrats to you it must be a great experience! Good! Hahahaha pythian ok!!

LemonCurry95 at 6:16 am October 23

Hehe, envy away!!!! It was a fantastic experience : )

the_thina: congrats hun, I know how youve been looking forward to it! :)
have you been at the bad shepards-gig yet, or is that date still comming up?

LemonCurry95 at 12:07 pm October 16

Aww thanks : ) Bad Shepherds is next Wednesday...soooo looking forward to that too!

the_thina at 12:08 pm October 16

oooh, you lucky bastard! promise me to hug ade from me if you get the chanse yo meet him. <3

LemonCurry95 at 12:16 pm October 16

Hug him?!?! Christ on a bike! That'd be amazing...that'd make my year! I'm gonna wear something bright and stand at the front : )

TheRealGilliamFan at 10:53 pm October 16

Wrap yourself in battery powered rope lights ;)

LemonCurry95 at 3:24 am October 19

Brilliant idea...I'll do that then, and set it on 'Flash'...hope there aren't any epileptics in that night...

the_thina at 12:25 pm October 16

why not do your hair in a vyvyan-style? THEN he will notice you! :)
had an abfab-race earlier today, including the episode he is in. aaaw, him and jen must be the best celeb-couple since john and connie broke up.

LemonCurry95 at 12:49 pm October 16

Haha...That would be great! My hair is actualy a lot like Noel Fielding's (Vince Noir from 'The Mighty Boosh') : P
I agree. It's nice when you get famous couples who aren't together for two weeks because a load of glossy mags would pay for interviews if they got together. Proper couples, like Ade + Jen, they're the ones to read about x
I'm listening to X-Ray Spex at the minute, and just out of curiosity I visited Poly's site. I read a bit about her, she's such an amazing gal!

the_thina at 12:56 pm October 16

yes, jen and ade have been together for, what, almost 30 years now. and they still seem to be so much in love. its soooo adorable!
I have never listened much to them, just the odd song thats on some collection-albums I have. my favourite rock-chick is joan jett, and brody dalle aint too bad either. :)

LemonCurry95 at 1:04 pm October 16

Sooooo soooo adorable : ) You haven't lived til you've heard the album
'Germfree Adolescents'! I think you'd like Poly Styrene. She's really interesting...independent, and clever as well. I really admire her...especially since i got my braces (for my teeth...not to hold up my trousers)! I've opted for day-glo green bands on my braces, thanks to Poly!

the_thina at 1:18 pm October 16

yeah. I have seen a clip when ade was on some show, and they were apart and he had a phone-call from her and they were all lovey-dovey. so damn cute!
ok, if you say so. ;) well, of course Ive been partying, dancing and screaming a lot to "oh bondage up yours" but apart from that... I havent heard them that much.. dont know why really...

LemonCurry95 at 1:31 pm October 16

Aw, that's so sweet!
Yeah, really into Spex at the minute. And Dennis Pennis : ) Have you seen/heard of Dennis Pennis (or Paul Kaye)?

the_thina at 1:36 pm October 16

yes I know. hope I will find love like that some day.
well, Im not great at remembering names, but dennis pennis dont sound familiar at all. feel a bit stupid now...

LemonCurry95 at 3:26 am October 19

Oh...you're missing out ; ) I'll add a video link when I get home...you'll like him, he's a punk : D

the_thina at 7:38 am October 19

oh, I looked him up at youtube myself. :) I thought he was a musician for some reason, and my first thought when I saw all the stills was "oh, johnny rotten-hair!" haha

LemonCurry95 at 1:42 pm October 19

Hehe : ) Here's one of my favourite Pennis interviews:
Yeah, proper Rotten hair : P He also wears a safety pin in his ear, and has a Public Image Ltd badge on his jacket! You should watch 'Very Important Pennis', it's brilliant...especially when he does a ' day in the life' kind of video at the BBC x

the_thina at 1:49 pm October 19

haha, thats one of the ones I found when you first mentioned him. :)
he does? that is so sweet! I have had "this is not a love-song" stuck in my brain for days now, speaking of johnny... god I love that man! why cant people open their ears and start to realize he is a very intelligent man?

LemonCurry95 at 6:26 am October 23

Yeah, Pennis is kinda sweet : ) I remember when i first heard 'this is not a love song'...I couldn't get it out of my head for days, in the end i had to record it on my mp4 so i could listen to it : P John Lydon is intelligent, but because he's a punk and he's BRUTALLY honest and swears a lot everyone seems to think otherwise, which isn't fair. I just watched 'The Filth and the Fury'. It's soo sad when Johnny's talking about Sid, and he gets really upset...Bless him (and Sid, obviously) x I really think that what he said at the end of the film was true, about future generations wanting to hear the truth, and not having to put up with anything else. We're surrounded by a fake culture nowadays. It's awful. One of the reasons I like Dennis Pennis so much, I s'pose - because he kind of put celebrities in the place. They're just people. They eat, sleep and shit too.

the_thina at 9:39 am October 23

yes, john is thought of as an idiot by many, because he was/is a punk and swears a lot. can the cockney-accent have something to do with it as well you think? that he dont speak posh? I know at least here the people from especialy norrland with thick accents are often seen as stupid by these upper-class-twits sort of people.
and yes, his tears over sid in that movie always gets to me. I always starts to cry with him.
haha, yeah, I havent seen so very much with him, but it seems he would never kiss anyones ass. and that is very good!

LemonCurry95 at 11:12 am October 24

The accent might have something to do with it. I'm constantly defending John and Sid when my parents take the piss! They know that it winds me up, they're only joking but I really do get properly defensive : P
Oh, good thing I'll never watch it with you, we'd all be in tears! Yeah, Pennis wouldn't kiss anyone's arse (Strutter might...but that's a different character altogether...) x

the_thina at 6:32 pm October 24

hahaha. but its good you are defending our boys! dont come here and mess with john or john (I suppose you know sids real names was john simon richie?) haha.
aaah ok. is the guy like that IRL as well?

LemonCurry95 at 12:07 pm November 09

Wuhay ; D I'm not much, but I'm good at winning arguments. Sometimes. Hehe. Yeah, although apparently his mum never told him whether his name was John Simon Ritchie, or John Beverly, or whatever. She was odd, was Sid's mum.
Is which guy like what? IRL? Not sure what you mean...hey, I'm tired, and young, i'm allowed to be confused and stupid ; P