i wish everyone a wonderfull easter

i wish every one a happy looney and a wonderfull easter :)i hope u all have a smashing day :)

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Jatta: all those easter eggs I got... and not one of them countained a Python... oh damn. Happy after-easter life to all you lovely looneys anyway :D

flopsy_mrs at 8:04 am April 06

pitty :p happy easter looney :p ps did you get my card on time ?

Jatta at 12:51 pm April 06

oh yeah :) thanks a million :D

flopsy_mrs at 4:35 am April 08

oh your welcome :p

Lvndr HppE: It's the day after Easter here. I think I should like to go get a chocolate rabbit on clearance tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll still be good. Old chocolate just isn't as good.

thewastelandr at 10:06 pm April 04

I think one day old will be ok! Yum... good idea!

flopsy_mrs at 8:04 am April 06

1 day isn't that bad a whole week now that is baaaaad

mrsCutout: HAPPY EASTER to you ! I hope you have many chocholate rabbits!!!! And happe easter to everyone!!!!!!!

flopsy_mrs at 4:38 pm April 03

actualy it's 1.38 am here (got back from babysitting ) did a sneak peak of my chokkies :p got 2 chocolat rabbits :p yay happy easter to you to :) i hope you have lot's of chocolat to :)

Johnnyrose: they got big... poity... teath.... Happy Easter, my friends!

flopsy_mrs at 5:02 am April 03

you to :) i hope you get lot's of choclat eggs :p

arkennedy: Happy Easter

flopsy_mrs at 1:50 am April 03

happy easter to you to :)

Holly: Happy Easter!!

flopsy_mrs at 1:50 am April 03

happy easter to you to :) hope you have lot's of chokky eggs :)

Lvndr HppE: Happy Easter to you, too!! Oh, and no blackmail! Solidarity, sister!

flopsy_mrs at 1:52 am April 03

:p lol ur absolutly right :p happy easter to you :)

Paute: Thank you! And happy Easter for all loonys the pythonline to!

flopsy_mrs at 1:54 am April 03

your welcome you looney xd

upperclasstwit: Thank you!!! Hoping the Bunny treats everyone good!! Not a lot of sweet stuff this year, My daughter just got braces on Tuesdays <3 <3 HAPPY Easter!!!<3 <3

flopsy_mrs at 1:54 am April 03

oh i hope the pain ill soon be over for your daughter cause i can imagen that must hurt happy easter to you and your famely :)

upperclasstwit at 11:35 am April 03

I feel so bad.. Her Birthday was the 2nd!! Poor kid..

MontyPythonrocks18: awww! i want those slippers :/lol Happy Easter to u too

flopsy_mrs at 1:52 am April 03

i'm sure they must have them somewere on amazone or something :) happy easter to you to :) have a wonderful day

thewastelandr: It's almost Easter! Can't wait! :) Glad to see you back!

the_thina at 2:42 pm April 02

here its been easter for 2 days

thewastelandr at 2:43 pm April 02

?? Why? It's Holy Week here but not Easter until Sunday, lol.

the_thina at 12:09 am April 03

because yesterday was the day that they say jesus died on the cross, the day before was "skärtorsdagen" what that was is I guess last supper (and when the witches fly to blåkulla, nothing to do with christianity, but here in sweden kids go "trick or treating" on easter dressed as witches and wizards) and on monday I think is suposed to be they day big j came back from the dead

thewastelandr at 4:50 am April 03

Oh ok, but it's not technically called Easter, right? For us Orthodox it's Holy Week, yesterday was Good Friday, tomorrow is Easter. It's my favorite week of the year!

the_thina at 9:57 am April 03

well, tomorrow is called "påskdagen" (easterday) here in sweden. but it is this weekend (starting on friday, ending on tuesday, doits a 4-day-weekend) we celebrate easter here in sweden.
since Im not really I beliving christian I dont remember all the details more than that yesterday is the day he died on the cross. I dont even know what "kind" of christianity we swedes have, or if we are all the same or split up like in other countreys, since I, as I said, even if Im raised in a christian countrey, are not a beliving christian. I dont belive in any religion, even if I do have a strong love for our old swedish religion, you know with gods like oden, tor, freja and all of them in valhall. but if I remember correctly we have allready talked about this. :)

the_thina: yay! you are back!

flopsy_mrs at 2:33 pm April 02

yeah i sure am :) from now on i'll be online here a bit more :) 1 to make u ahppy 2 to meet new looneys :p