I Wish Terry Jones Would See This! (Maybe Even Say Hi?)

So, when I first saw that the actual Terry Jones was here on Pythonline, I went bonkers! That made me so happy I couldn't even take it! Then, I was reading one of his posts and saw all of us adoring Python fans answering and cheering as usual. But, I'll tell you something...

My heart skipped a beat today because I just saw that he answered back to someone's question! Terry Jones is actually reading our response and answering! (Or at least pretending to give a shit in order to spare our feelings because, after all, Jonesy is a sweetheart.)

It's highly unlikely but, I am making this post in the event that Terry Jones will See it, and respond.

So, here it goes!

Terry Jones! Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a very big fan of everything Monty Python. I am an aspiring comedienne/ writer and was hoping for A.) advise and/or B.) Just for you to say hi to me!

Thanks and fingers crossed that this actually works!

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l_wojcik: THANK YOU, TERRY!!!!

terryjones: Well goodness, yes, hello - lovely to hear from you. I do try to read things, but there's so much that I sometimes miss bits. Keep writing - and performing - is the best advice really. All you can say for sure is that those who give up don't get heard. Terry

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:25 am July 06

And there you have it, Lisa ;)

Paute at 4:36 am July 06


mrsCutout at 3:03 pm July 06

WOW!!!!!! He does answer! I must say I realy didn't expect that! It's amazing! Realy! I am so happy!
And it's true so we'll keep writting!And keep walking....So I want to say something and don't take it the wrong way.You must understand that being from Greece made it very unlikely that I would ever hear from one of the Pythons.And I want to say this:Terry you're awesom!!!!! Ok that was it a little note of adiration fro a silly greek fan!

Paute at 3:10 pm July 06

He is such an amazing man.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 4:30 pm July 06

Amen to that. He ain't the Messiah, but he's still brill, teehee. Much love, Mr. Jonesy, much love :D

Tanya_Birklid19 at 9:47 pm July 06

Incredible! Fantastic! Wonderful man, amazing.

French Taunter at 3:49 am July 07

Wow! He knows how to use a cumputer! ;)