If the pythons were animals...

Here's a fun idea I just came up with..if the individual pythons were animals, what animal do you think each of them would be? post your opinions on here

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The Ex-Leper: I think michael would be a very tiny golden retreiver puppy that just happens to have brown fur and greenish eyes and lots of wisdom

the_thina: oooh that was not easy. I see eric as a over-entusiastic puppy and gray as a female fox (because female foxes are extremely intelligent) and gilly as some strange hybrid that wasent ment to be on this earth but you cant imgagine the world without it... but john, mike and jones... hmmm... dont know about them.


I don't know who drew this (it wasn't me) but apparently someone else has though of the Pythons as animals (five of them anyway).

The Ex-Leper at 4:35 pm November 27

ohhh how cute!

mrsCutout: jonsey would be a nice little cute cat now about the others gilly would make a nice dog the rest are difficult!i'll return later with a decision!!!!!

mrsCutout: Let me think this over!