If you could ask any Python any question who would you ask what and why?

I was thinking about this and a different question/game I'll post later, and I think my question of all the questions I COULD ask is really silly! I would ask Michael Palin how or what tricks he used to quit smoking. I just think that is crazy with all other things I could ask or with all the other Python's I could question. I have been trying to quit for a long time without success, and everyone says your not ready to let go.. That don't help, I'm not getting any healthier and I don't really know anyone with an addiction wants to let it go!! I don't know...

I think other Python's also quit smoking, but Michael I'm sure was one of them...Not sure who else.

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Tanya_Birklid19: I would ask Michael if I can come with him on his travels. I could maybe fit myself into a bag or disguise myself as one of the crew (it's a possibility). I just wanna travel so bad! I don't get enough travel at all!

upperclasstwit at 4:06 pm April 07

That is a Good one!!!

Lvndr HppE at 10:30 pm April 07

I'd wanna be his travel photographer.

Lvndr HppE: Oh, and I'd ask Gilliam if I could be in his next film. Just throw me in the background as a tree, or something. Or I could be his assistant on the set. I could get his coffee! I just wanna work with him.

Lvndr HppE: I wanna ask John Cleese if I can have his baby. Or if I could clone all six of them. I realize it would be difficult to get some DNA of the deceased one, but I'm sure there's something lying around.

upperclasstwit at 6:36 pm April 06

awww, I wanted his baby.. But I should really quit smoking first HA! John is the man!!

Lvndr HppE at 6:39 pm April 06

I would be happy to give him a son. And I'd name it Graham. Because I know how close they were and I like that name.

sit-on-my-face at 7:05 pm April 06

That is MY future baby's name!!!! seriously!!!!

upperclasstwit at 6:43 pm April 06

I couldn't be that nice, cause I'm stuck on the name Ranon.. I heard it in the movie Willow and I can't let it go now...

Lvndr HppE at 6:50 pm April 06

Ranon. I think I met a guy named Ranon once. I can't remember where, but he was a pretty cool guy.

sit-on-my-face: Would you kiss me?

Paute at 6:59 pm April 06

The BEST ask!

the_thina: oh Im not sure. but one thing Ive been thinking about with gilliam. is if he has some sort of obsession by the painting "the birth of venus" since he has used it 3 times. 2 animated and one with a rea actor (uma in münchausen) and I would just want to talk art with him I think.
but I would like to sit down in like a café and just have coffe/tea with them and just talk, getting to know how they see the world. one by one of course, not all at once. and after about 2-3 hours talk just give them a big hug and let them go back to their own lifes. yeah. that would be the dream. and in this fantasy gray is alive and well....

upperclasstwit at 12:11 pm April 06

That would be awesome!!

bundtcake: We know that Michael is the "nicest Python" and Eric is the "6th nicest Python." I would ask them (individually to see if they all agree) where do the others fall?

Paute: Are you inmortal? (Please said YES, please!) :D

upperclasstwit at 3:22 pm April 05

HAHAHAHHA I knew you'd make me laugh with this!!!

upperclasstwit at 10:06 pm April 05

Hmm, I might have found the answer to that. Looking isn't touching though, I guess you can expect him to not be human!!

bundtcake at 7:11 pm April 06

If you look closely, his eyes might be closed. At least they do on my screen.

upperclasstwit at 7:56 pm April 06

...maybe? I just figured he was squinting cause of the sun

Lvndr HppE at 10:16 pm April 06

He does appear to be squinting. And it looks like his gaze would be on her shoulder blades, and not a lower region that men would usually look at when a pretty girl walks by. She also seems to have an uneven tan. I mean, I seem to have an uneven tan. (read below, if you wanna know why)

Lvndr HppE at 6:14 pm April 06

{gasp!} How did this picture of me get out?!? (Kidding. I wish I had that figure)

upperclasstwit at 6:30 pm April 06

LOL!! I wish that same thing...

Paute at 10:43 am April 06

Jajaja i wish... I hope they are aliens whose mission is: to conquer the world!

upperclasstwit at 12:09 pm April 06

They must be close!! They could pull off their mask at anytime in my humble opinion...I was surprised when I heard that China don't really know Python..

kermit: If I had another choice I would ask Carol if she would marry me, because she was my first crush and she's hot

kermit: I would ask Gilliam if he would please adopt me because if he were my Dad he might not mind me raiding his closet and borrowing some of those cool clothes he wears. Oh, and I could live in Great Britain too.

upperclasstwit at 3:21 pm April 05

I hear ya, I'd like to go to England myself...

arkennedy: I believe his Diary mentions how he quite smoking. I once had a question I wanted to ask Gilliam but I can't remember what it was now.

upperclasstwit at 3:00 pm April 05

My friend Shari ( Bundtcake) Got the Diaries.. Was it in the first one or the 2nd? I'll have to ask her..

bundtcake at 3:07 pm April 05

I'm thinking that Gilliam called him an addict one day and challenged him to get through a day w/o a cigarette. He didn't touch another after that.
I'll have to go back and look again, to see if I'm correct.

upperclasstwit at 3:08 pm April 05

Will you call me an addict everyday? I love you!!

bundtcake at 3:12 pm April 05

Of course I will, ya addict!

upperclasstwit at 3:13 pm April 05

...Thanks? I don't know if I'm gonna like this lol