If You Were Stuck on an Island...

I played a 'If you were stuck on an island' game with my sister a few days ago and thought I should post the game on here. It's more a question and answer than a game, but it's a bit of fun anyway. Anywho, here's the question then:

If you were stuck on an island...which 3 Python chararcters would you bring and why?

Have fun answering that one x Thanks !

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crzyltvn: A lumberjack: Because they're ok.
The fishslappers: I bet they know how to fish since they slap each other with fish. (Bad reasoning right there) And that's just funny.
A twit: Because every deserted island needs a twit.

Jatta: that's a tough one :) but I'd go with the fishslappers (for entertainment), nude organist (also for entertainment) and Batley townswomen's guild (you know why)

Lady and Laird Candermine: 3.Scott of the Sahara ... just to survive of course
2. either of the naked organists.... (please make me choice Gilliam)
1. does the troup that confuses a cat count as one ... because they are all I really would need...

LemonCurry95: You lot are brilliant! From Gumby to Raymond Luxury Yacht! I'll have to do this with some other choices... Thanks for playing : D Keep 'em coming, hehe : )

sit-on-my-face: The mollusk documentary guy ("There's a man at the door with a moustache""Tell him I already got one" *spank* *spank* *spank*!) You never know how many fierce and depraved queens of the deep you could find on an island.
The Batley's townwomen,s guild, They would certainly keep me entertained.
Jean-Paul Zatapathique, we could sing all day long "Bing Tiddle tiddle bang" and speak my native language with love. And beautiful Graham by my side, what else?

Palins passepartout: Firsty, I'd have the 'cheap laughs' as I must have my daily giggle! Then I'd have Arthur Pewty because I'd have plenty of time to teach him how not to be a nerd!

atotheceetothegee: Dimmsdale (that hedgehog of his would inevitably show up and we could ride him to somewhere distinctively non-islandish), the Frenchman (so I could sock him one for being such a wanker), and the mosquito hunters for pest control 24/7.

arkennedy: It wasn't easy to decide but here's what I came up with:

The It's Man because he seems to have a lot of experience dealing with difficulties.

Any of the Hermits (for the conversation)

and Mr. Luxury Yacht ( for no other reason than I think I'd enjoy his company)

Tanya_Birklid19: 1. Bevis the Lumberjack -- Why? Cause he's just cool like that!
2. The Colonel -- He'd be very interesting to talk to and even though he doesn't like to have a good laugh than other people, he's pretty cool.
3. A Gumby (the Michael Palin one) -- He's just so adorable!

mrsCutout: haha that's interesting!ook
1.Self Defense against fresh fruits tutor..who knows what kind of ferocious fruits the islands have?
2. Raymond Luxury Yacht i could use his yacht!
3.bevis/The Lumberjack cause his my other half and he's so buch!

Lvndr HppE at 7:21 am May 13

ha ha ha. Raymond Luxury Yacht's nose is his yacht.

mrsCutout at 2:35 pm May 13

Lol yeah!

Holly: 1. Children's Storyteller- I love a good book & would need some entertainment
2. Dennis Moore- he can be very helpful to those in need. If I'm stuck on an island, then I'm
in need.
3. Mosquito Hunter/ Roy- he's keep the bugs away

Lvndr HppE: Hah! That's funny, Mrs. Conclusion. Because number one on my list is one of the Whicker boys, mainly for the interviews. Let's see, next would be . . .
Bevis/The Lumberjack-but I'd keep an eye on my wardrobe. Next would be. . .
Mr. Praline. We'd name all the animals we see Eric.

Rosemary Greenwood: 1. Hank - because he's mosquito hunter
2. Cardinal Richelieu - because i don't want Petula Clark
3. Bevis/The Lumberjack - my best buddy by my side :)

Mrs Conclusion: Definately NOT Alan Whicker! Hahah! Hmmmm...good question.

1 - A Gumby! I just love those characters, and they never fail in making me smile.
2 - The Colonel - Graham could tell me all about the war, and make it sound so intersting. Even though he doesn't like a good laugh...his wife does...and her friend...in fact most people like a good laugh more than he does!

3 - Ricky who has the hair salon halfway up Mount Everest mountain. He's a really good hairdresser, and makes a smashing cup of tea.

thewastelandr: Hmm this is a good question.

1. Mr. Neutron - because he is very useful and helpful with chores and such. And he may have some super powers.
2. Bevis/The Lumberjack - he cuts down trees, eats his lunch, and goes to the lavatory... need I say more?
3. The Poet McTeagle - for entertainment, although I do have a feeling it would get dull after a while.