Im back (temporarily)

ok, know I havent been online for about... 3 weeks or so... but it has been stuff going on that havent been that fun.
as some of you remember I got a new kitten about 6 weeks ago. and my other cat was starting to act diffrently, and loosing weight. first I thought it was just her protesting to the new cat, so I started having alone-time with her, closing the bedroomdoor between them every night and leting her be in the bedroom with me (with her favourite foods and an extra cat-toilet in the bedroom) but not much happened. then she didnt want to eat at all. so I got very worried and took her to the vet, hoping for a simple explination like a furball being stuck in her throat (that have happened to my brothers cat a few years back and after all they loose their winterfurr now in the spring and so on) but they found cancer in her tummy. it had come fast and spread fast, so I got to take her home for 24 hours (the kitten stayed at my brothers girlfriend that day so she would not be stressed/annoyed by him and just have me to herself) and then the next day bring her back so they could put her to sleep.
and that was pretty much the hardest thing I have ever done, even if I know it was the only thing that was left to do as a last sign of my love for her.

so... as you who know me well probobly can figure out I am very very sad riht now. even if the kitten is still here its so hard to learn to live without my beautiful baby-girl. she was my first cat that was mine and not my parents. and she was only 6 years old, was hoping to have her by my side for at least another 10 years. but on the other hand, the ones that had her before me was going to put her down if they didnt find a new home, so I try to think about the fact that I gave her 5 more years to live and I hope they were happy years for her.

but that is why I havent been online, and probobly wont be online that much for a while. but I promise I will come back when I feel better. just a little update for those of you that might have been wondering.

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TheSister91: still my condolances for your loss.. a very big big big hug!! take heart!

mrsCutout: Oh my god thina! I am so sorry for your lose! She looked amazing!! I know how it is and I am so sorry! It'll get better! Especialy with the new kittens! I am so sorry!

Lvndr HppE: I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I have a dog, and I couldn't even imagine how I'd feel if he wasn't around. That's the thing I didn't understand until I had a dog, animals really are a part of the family.

a_nervous_wreck: Oh... :'( its okay, I promise you it gets easier to deal with. I had a kitty when I was a baby, and when I was about six it got attacked by three dogs. I think it messed with her organs or something, cause she didn't want to eat anything, and we eventually had to put her down. I wasn't so sad after a few weeks, and I actually started smiling again. I promise you this isn't me just trying to get attention, I'm trying to empathize with you. So don't worry, just be happy that she lived a good life, and had a wonderful owner who cared about her :)

arkennedy: I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I've lost pets before and I know how it feels. Take as much time as you need.

the_thina at 11:06 am April 16

thank you

J.Gambolputty: How terrible, I'm so sorry for you Thina. I can imagine what you feel like... I've lost many old or just sick dogs during these years and it's always awful to decide to put your beloved pet to sleep. :(

But eventually, the pain will lessen. And of course you have your other cat there to comfort you. :)

the_thina at 11:05 am April 16

yeah, it was terrible. but I knew I had to do it, otherwise she would starve and die of that and be in an awful lot of pain. I even went in the room when they put her down, even if you dont have to i know I would regret it later if i wasent there to calm her and do my best to see that she wasent afraid or felt alone her last moments in life. instaid she had me stroking her and teling her I love her when she fell asleep.

and yes; i know it will get better even if its hard to imagine that right now. and if I didnt have my little kitten here it would be MUCH worse. even if its strange, just 1 year ago I had no plans of getting another cat since she was a bit jealous of other animals, but one day I woke up and had decided that i would at least try with another cat so she could have a friend. like it was ment to be that he came before she died.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I can't imagine what you're going through at the moment. I send my utmost consolations to you. We'll be thinking about you whilst you're away :)

May she RIP :'(

the_thina at 10:55 am April 16

thank you

katithepythonfan: Oh... I'm very sorry about your loss. It is always hard to lose someone you love, even a pet.

the_thina at 10:54 am April 16

I am the kind of person that like animals more than I like most humans, and pets are familymembers, so it is in deed very hard

Here Comes Another One: Oh, Thina, that's awful, I'm so sorry. She was a beautiful cat.

the_thina at 10:52 am April 16

yes, she was an extreme beauty, gracefull like a queen and very loving, social and a little crazy in that charming way tends to be crazy. I will never forget her and stop missing her, thats for sure

the_thina at 10:54 am April 16

*in that charming ways cats tend to be crazy