I'm now officially pissed...

I've been asking for the MPFC boxset (as well as the Bok) for my birthday for a little over two years now. I'll provide the money and everything, all my parents have to do is get it shipped down here. My mother asked one of her friends to get it for me a few *weeks* ago, but the lady said that she 'checked it out' and it's for "adults". ADULTS!!! hahaaa! So basically, I can't get it anymore (although i've seen a lot online ANYWAYS). I'm 16 for crying out loud!

Alright, i'm done complaining. Anyone else wanna have a go?

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arkennedy: I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to get the MPFC boxset or the Bok :( My mother heard about this and she thinks your mother's friend should have minded her own business.

The thing is (in the U.S. at least) Monty Python is very mild compared to a lot of things that can be seen on t.v. now.

Miioo: Totally agree with the other comments here, that is so unfair. It's not like you're five years old and can't handle a picture of a boob or something.

the_thina: that is fucking stupid! its a comedy show, not some hardcore porn! ok, there is the odd boob now and again, but hey, fucking music-videos they show on fucking mtv is far worse when it comes to nudity!

mrsCutout: DAMN!!!!!! That's so not fair! i bought it when I was 14 nobody said anything to me! Bloody hell!

a_nervous_wreck: I had to do a project for english in eighth grade one time, and I was so pissed off by the results of said project I actually ripped a book in half (granted it was down the spine but still, a BOOK!) The project was that we had to find a song that was school appropriate and exlain why we chose the song and what we think it means, which I did, bring four copies of the lyrics to class to hand out to a few of the students, which I did, make a video with the lyrics in it, which I did, and for extra credit put a little "pizzazz" into the video by adding pictures and stuff, which I did! I chose Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, and when I'd finished explaining, I played my video for the class, which was just a compilation of pictures from the movies and show. after it was done, I was sent to the principal's office because I included a few "inappropriate" photos in my video. ALL I DID WAS SHOW A PICTURE OF GRAY AND TERRY WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF AND THE BIRTH OF VENUS FROM ONE OF GILLY'S ANIMATIONS!!!! What really pissed me off was the fact that we had a similiar picture of The Birth of Venus in our history book. I was suspended for one day, and luckily my mom didn't get mad, since she'd helped me put the video together and found nothing wrong with the pictures. Woo, that was kinda long. Sorry

J.Gambolputty at 8:29 am March 13

WWWHHAAT!?? They can't do that! So unfair, you should have complained to.. well, somewhere. Couple of fellas without their shirts, so what? Like they haven't seen that before...er.. well you know what I mean?
I can sympathize, teachers can be a pain in the arse sometimes. Well actually they are that most of the time.

Sgt. Looney at 3:28 pm March 12

WTF??? Why are people so unreasonable? Ehh, I bet it was awesome though (the presentation, i mean)

a_nervous_wreck at 10:33 pm March 12

It was :). And poor you! I feel your pain, I was denied access to a copy of Graham's book for the same reason. Parents are GIANT pains in the neck sometimes, huh?

Here Comes Another One at 7:05 am March 13

ANW, if it's the Liar's Autobiography you mean, and you still haven't managed to get it, you can download a copy of the audiobook (read by him). That's what I did, because I couldn't get hold of a paper copy. And I really like the audiobook, actually.

the_thina at 7:26 am March 13

sadly there is quite a lot missing from the audiobook. whole chapters just cut out

a_nervous_wreck at 12:55 pm March 13

There's that, but what I'm saying is my parents completely BANNED me from reading that book, since they'd heard an audio clip of it and decided it wasn't appropriate for me to read it. They haven't let me read the book, but I was allowed to watch Beowulf... parental logic is the best sometimes

Here Comes Another One: Poor you, that's unfair!

Sgt. Looney at 3:23 pm March 12

Thank you, HCAO. No one else seems to understand! lol

madasawetsporran at 8:25 pm March 12

Hey up chuck I mislaid my box set for nigh on 2 yrs but found it it all comes to he who waits or is a damn good shop lifter!

madasawetsporran at 8:24 pm March 12

Hey up chuck I mislaid my box set for nigh on 2 yrs but found it it all comes to he who waits or is a damn good shop lifter!