I'm Proud of the BBC!

There's a Facebook page to get Mitch Benn's I'm Proud of the BBC to number one. Go hit like! http://tinyurl.com/39n9gxt

There might be a flick or two all recognize. :)

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genji: You have to wait long enough for a mention of Fawlty Towers. I liked the Monty Python/Doctor Who join.

genji: OK, I've liked it. As a UK citizen I do think the licence fee is good value for money. I hardly watch any TV at all, personally, but I will use the BBC iPlayer to catch up on something someone recommends.

The BBC is well past its heyday, however, and a lot of its content is dross (hence me not watching). But I would hate to see advertising on the BBC so I support anything that resists change.

Hanri at 11:59 pm October 27

Our YLE keeps having the same problem: people don't pay their TV licence fees, since they think nothing good can come on national channels, "there's just documentaries and kids shows, I'd rather watch Big Bang Theory". My husband's one of them, so I'm not telling him I'm paying the licence fee. *shhhh!*

Brings to mind, how is YLE or BBC supposed to make good content, if people won't contribute? Ads. And everyone hates them. And the content becomes irrelevant after the adverts take over. I'd want BBC to remain as it is, since YLE shows a LOT of it's programs, just as I'd expect happens in other European countries. I know a lot of the shows listed on that song have been done ages ago, and it has had it's oh-my-frigging-what-are-you-serious-or-just-plain-stupid-moments, but I hate ads more.

And yeah, I do watch Big Bang Theory too.

genji at 7:09 am October 28

Yes, exactly. BBC content has (IMO) gone downhill, but it's still infinitely superior to anything the commercial channels churn out. As Python's American adventures illustrate, commercial channels are beholden to advertisers in more ways than just putting bums on seats.

BBC Executives are perhaps more reluctant to take risks than they were 25 years ago, so we seldom get groundbreaking TV, but commercial channels are terrified of upsetting their sponsors and that's far worse.

Here Comes Another One at 7:31 am October 28

In Australia there's a channel called SBS that used to be noncommercial, and was really quite good (especially compared with the commercial channels, which make Channel 4 look like BBC1!). But then they brought in the adverts, and even the quality of the news has gone downhill since.

genji at 11:37 am October 28

Channel 4 in the UK was a bit weird. I think, at first, it was funded by commercial stations to satisfy their public interest obligations. Half of it was complete crap and the other half was very good, minority interest programming. G.B.H. was a Channel 4 production. Nowadays I think it is just another commercial station, but they still consider themselves more highbrow than ITV or Sky.

And, speaking of Sky, what kind of shafting is a subscription channel with commercials? That's just morally wrong.

Here Comes Another One at 12:36 am October 29

I've never seen Sky, though I agree that subscription channels shouldn't have adverts. I just know that Rupert Murdoch's trying to take the news part over and some people are a bit worried about British media becoming one-sided, while others point out that Sky News has a tiny audience anyway.

genji at 1:17 am October 29

Sky News is a joke anyway. This is a Sky News reporter/presenter being interviewed with an ex-Labour spin doctor by BBC News.

And this is ace Sky reporter Kay Burley finding out what the British public think of her (i.e. she's a ****).