Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus release dates? Update info...

I've found this information for those who do not know yet - outside of the UK of course, lucky bastards,- It is information on International release dates for the movie!
I know what I want to do Christmas day!!!!! Hell yes!

Click her and scroll down, on the right hand side you will see the following...

United Kingdom -Oktober 16th
Australia -Oktober 29th
New Zealand -Oktober 29th
United States -December 25th
Canada -December 25th

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Lady and Laird Candermine: Lady April... did you see you could have a chance to win this poster????? And others....

flopsy_mrs: in belgium it's coming out on 10/2/2010 but i'll be the first belgian to see it

Lady April at 9:21 am January 20

NOT TILL OKTOBER???? Wow. Why such a long wait I wonder. That is nearly a year after the initial release.

kisch at 9:23 am January 20

Maybe it's 10 Feb, not 2 Oct ?...

Lady April at 9:25 am January 20

For her sake I hope so =(

TheSister91 at 8:42 am January 21

I guess is in February... we Europeans write dates putting day month and year...

Kasmira: I found that I seemly live in wrong city of Finland... The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is not shown in Turku... I have to go to Helsinki (which is located 102.55 miles from here) if I want to see it. So dummy...

Holly: I'm going to see it tonight!

thewastelandr: It came out in my hometown today (Jan. 8)!

Marina Dantas: Oh I hate living in south america ¬¬

Lady April: I now have Imaginarium opening all over in my area and although I have been waiting 2 years for this movie to happen, on this day, I cannot afford to go. To a dam MOVIE! This economy is killing me. If employment doesn't magically appear before the end of the month I will officially be in debt. I wanna see this movieeeeeeeeeee! *balls eyes out*

kisch at 12:28 pm January 08

Good heavens, April, how much does cinema ticket costs this days in the US ?... Poor you:(((

housepet1 at 6:58 am January 20

$10 :(

Lady April at 9:19 am January 20

Finally going to see it, no worries!

Lady April at 12:42 pm January 08

When you have a kid and you are shit broke a movie ticket is sandwiches in school lunches for a week!
It is just fu*king depressing as hell. What a HUGE let down. Fu*king USA.

kissmyarrrtichoke: The film is OK, I found it rather confusing but the performances are very good and it's beautifully done, I enjoyed it :)
And the girl on the poster is model Lily Cole, she was also in St Trinian's in 2007

the_thina at 2:08 am November 30

well she has a swedish twin named lisa. best pic of her I have but you may be able to see it

the_thina: always thought that girl in the poster looked so famiiar, but could not conect from where. now it hit me! she is the spitting image of the ex of one of my friends. cool

thewastelandr: This will be the perfect Christmas present to us Gilliam fans! Can't wait!

Lady April at 1:36 pm November 28

The cities for the Xmas release are suppose to be limited so check the theaters at your city to be sure!

thewastelandr at 7:40 am November 29

I'm crossing my fingers!

Lady April at 10:19 am November 29

yes me tooo.......

CamelSpotter at 10:49 pm November 29

Fingers Crossed.jpg

thewastelandr at 1:17 pm November 29

Are you in the US too?

Lady April at 10:42 pm November 29

Yes, I am in Seattle, you?

thewastelandr at 12:26 pm November 30

Boston. I'm sure it will be showing in both our cities!

Lady April at 2:20 pm November 30

Well they are both major cities so hopefully hopefully hopefully!!!!!!!!

Johnnyrose at 1:48 am November 30

(... I'm not)

TheSister91: it has been released in Italy but haven't got the chance to see it yet!! :(

Jatta: I can't wait!! :D one more month to go before this is in Finland...

Hanri at 11:38 pm November 17

Ah crap, Finnkino claims to have delayed the release date in Finland??? 1st Jan 2010? Sigh.

Jatta at 4:26 am November 18

Did I give them permission to do that? bloody Romans!

the_thina at 11:45 pm November 17

ey, that is my birthday! would be a cool gift, my 28th birthday wathing that in the theaters. but last time I cheked it comes here a few weeks later

Hanri at 11:51 pm November 17

It's like a package is gonna be delivered to the penguin farm next door..

(Next door?! Penguins don't com from next door, they come from the Antarctic!)

King Brian the Wild: I liked it very much. I think it's a typical Gilliam-film. Looking forward to buy the DVD in order to see it in english (I saw it in spanish here in the theatre)

the_thina at 8:15 am November 17

do they dub regular movies in spain? :O gosh, I hate that. here they just dub cartoons and sometimes when swedish and german tv makes something together the german actors gets dubbed. and ofcorse some of the actors in "mio min mio" was dubbed, for example christopher lee, but that is a kidsmovie...

King Brian the Wild at 8:49 am November 17

Yes, they dub them. I have to say that Life of Brian is quite funny dubbed into spanish. In german (I am german living in spain), The Holy Grail is terribly dubbed and Life of Brian not very better. Anyway I prefer to watch everything of MP in english, of course.

the_thina at 12:33 pm November 17

WHY do pepole do that? its sooooo.... bleh!
oh, you are german? I am too! well, a little my grandpas father was german. haha. and I love screaming at pepole in german (witch is a language I understand pretty good not as good as english though) they get so shocked. :P

King Brian the Wild at 12:42 am November 18

Hahahaha, it's funny shouting things like "Ich kann mit einem Eierlöffel Fledermäuse töten" (= I can kill bats with a tea spoon), as they said in the german versions of MP's Flying Circus (the ones recorded in german for the german tv)

the_thina at 11:01 am November 18

haha yeah. I mainly shout out ACHTUNG or SHEISSE (cant make the german double-s on my keyboard, sorry) and simple things like that. :)

Lancaster Bomber: What a film. Ignore the UK newspaper reviews - this is one amazing film and I shall definitely go to see it again. There is too much to take in at one viewing. What a mind TG has - how does he come up with these ideas ?
My favourite scene - the cross-dressing policemen dancing and singing on stage. Vintage Python.

Lady April at 1:33 pm November 16

Oh am I ever jelous! Gilly hun has such an incredible imagination! He must have been a handful for his parents!!!!
I ignore reviews anyway! I just see for myself. 9 out of 10 timesI like things that got otherwise bad reviews. I am shaking with anxiety over this movie. Pray Seattle is one of the chosen cities to show this movie Xmas day!!!!!!!!

housepet1 at 10:02 am November 17

Okay Lady, we need to make a date. Both of us go see it X-mas day, on the opposite ends of the country and then we can rave about it online. Or, better yet, keep each other on the phone all through the film! Whaddaya think?

Lady April at 11:14 am November 17

Hopefully we both get to see it then! I do think that having cell phones on for the duration of the film would do a number on my minutes but after???? Besides that movie times would more than likely be different. As soo as I find out I am getting tix ahead of time so that I know I am getting in.

housepet1 at 12:12 pm November 17

Yeah, I guess I was just getting too excited! But we can totally talk afterwards. Good idea about getting tix in advance!


Definitely a great movie!
I got really excited when I saw the posters on the Underground...

Lady April at 11:56 am November 08

I am tired of being excited for it I just really want to see it!!!!

CamelSpotter at 12:11 pm November 08

Haha, true. What a great Christmas gift!

Lady April at 12:34 pm November 08

Thats if Seattle is one of the "select cities", here I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, fallopian tubes and anything else that will cross crossed.


The posters are great