Incidental Music

Q&A thread. What is that piece of music playing in the background?

My two questions are:

1. The introduction to 'It's The Arts', series 1, show 6, before Arthur Figgis signs an autograph. What is it?

2. Romantic interlude when Donna Reading is failing to get Mr. Chapman erect in the laboratory during the Science Fiction/Blancmange sketch in series 1, show 7, shortly after the Welsh Guards turn into Scotsmen. What is it?


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mrsCutout: Bilmey!! Had found the answer to question n.1 as well for ages now.Just a few days after I commented.Couldn't find this bloody thread at all! WTF? Searched all the posts and nothing so I waited for someone to dig it up! But it's been a you don't need me answer...

genji at 10:26 pm November 25

I did see somewhere an album (was it a de Wolf album) of Python's incidental music, but I didn't pay much attention at the time and I can't remember where I saw it now.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I'll have a darn good try to find them out for you...

genji at 9:37 am October 31


Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:51 am October 31

Aha! I think I've found the answer to question 1. The piece is called 'Nimrod ("Enigma Variations")' by Elgar. At least, I think it is.

As for question 2, I'm still searching...

genji at 12:30 pm November 25

Found it yet?

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:38 pm November 25

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything for that one. After about an hour of scavenging the net, nothing came up.

Sorry about that :P

genji at 10:26 pm November 25

OK, thanks for trying.

genji at 9:59 am October 31

Yes it is. I knew I knew it but it was a complete blank. Now that you post the answer I recognise the title.

Thanks. That was one of those 'lodged in my brain' things that had me going potty.

The other one I don't think I do know. It sounds vaguely Wagnerian to me.

Sgt. Looney: Also, what's the name of the piece being played in the background of "Blackmail"- when the video is being shown of John and some girl in a room?

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 9:22 am October 31

I did a little research, and found that's it's called 'Roving Report No.2' by Jack Trombey
(It's also used for the 'It's a Living' sketch.)

mrsCutout: Wait I am watching the parts now.I'll find it soon!

genji at 9:08 am October 31

Hurry up.