International Monty Python Day

Good afternoon. I'm quite new here and this is my first contribution, although I've commented on a couple of other threads.

On this almost most auspicious of days, arrr!, it has come to my keen attention that, despite forty years of obsessive lunacy, there does not appear to be an official Monty Python Day. I should be grateful if any of you here at the most officialish online Monty Python community can help me shed any light on why this reprehensible state of affairs has come not to be.

From a brief perusal of the Internet I have been able to deduce the following information.

  • Doune Castle holds a Monty Python day on what seems to be the second Sunday in September but, from the information provided, the duration of the organised event is a mere three hours (4:00pm until 7:00pm). Now in its seventh year, this gives the impression of being the most stable if not official 'Day'. I'm not sure why it takes place when it does, though. Is it because the filming of Holy Grail took place there in September 1974?
  • Facebook apparently has a Monty Python Status Day on 10 May, but I'm not sure for what reason that date was chosen (it does coincide with the US release date of Holy Grail in 1975).
  • This very forum, in 2009, suggested 29 March as an online convention day (which coincides with Mr. Idle's date of birth), and sometime next summer for an actual meet-up.
  • The Monty Python anniversary is 5 October, coinciding with the date of the first broadcast of Flying Circus in 1969.

So, given that we have International Talk Like A Pirate Day, International Beer Day, World Migratory Bird Day, Towel Day, Literacy Day, Philosophy Day, and The International Day of Awesomeness, I'm interested in your opinions as to why there is no official Monty Python Day, and on what date you think it would be if there was one.

Thank you.

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genji at 7:12 am September 22

OK - I had a little dabble myself. I don't know if I've done it right. Let me know if you think it's ok and if you want to be an admin of the group.

mrsCutout at 7:22 am September 22

I "liked'it! haha Cool so now it's officialy an international MP day!

Paute: I agree! It´s a good idea!!
(Thanks TheRealGilliamFan for tell me!!!)

TheRealGilliamFan: You know, I noticed there is already an #MPD for something else and I don't know what it stands for. I used that hashtag anyway... and if it means "multiple personality disorder" by any chance, then that's good, because clearly all the Pythons have it muahahahaaaaaaaa! XD

genji: Right. Well I've just booked the day off work so now I have to think of something to do.

Lvndr HppE: October fifth. I'll write it on my calender.

TheRealGilliamFan: I think we should start tweeting about it now. What do you guys think? Something like:
Fans declare #October4th as International Monty Python Day! #MontyPython

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:15 pm September 20

Oops... Change that to #October5th ... Graham is on my mind :(

genji at 1:23 pm September 20

I know how you feel. Still shocked after all these years that he's actually not here. When you watch Flying Circus he seems so indestructible.

Anyway, if there is to be a Twitter onslaught then there needs to be a hashtag. May I suggest that every tweet is prefaced with "#MPD"?

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:31 pm September 20

Ok, so we could all start out with something like -- #MPD Fans declare #October5th as International Monty Python Day! #MontyPython -- and make sure all our subsequent tweets about it have #MPD

genji at 1:35 pm September 20

OK. Done mine. @genji2000

genji at 1:15 pm September 20

October 5th, surely?

genji: Yeah. Forty-one years. And let's face it... as anniversaries go, this is the big one, so we've got to get up off our arses, and stop just talking about it.

How can we celebrate the 2010 Monty Python Day?

My ideas are naturally crap, but I hope they will start discussion...

1. Take a character each, login to Twitter and spend the entire day tweeting one of*:
a) a favourite Flying Circus episode;
b) Monty Python and the Holy Grail;
c) the Life of Brian.

2. a co-ordinated rewatch: when all members of this forum login together and, at 12:00 (lunchtime) GMT, conduct a synchronised watch, with comments on a designated thread, of*:
a) a favourite Flying Circus episode;
b) Monty Python and the Holy Grail;
c) the Life of Brian.


3. Everyone dresses up and acts out a scene or sketch and posts videos or photos.

*Given that everyone here already knows the scripts inside out, perhaps a post-Python film might be apposite, e.g. Jabberwocky, An Fish Calléd Wanda, Tideland, Yellowbeard, G.B.H., &c.

Colonel Daughter: another vote for the 5th of october--thanks for the info, anyway: I didn'tknow the thing about doune castle :D

genji: Seems to be a unanimous vote for 5 October, but my other question was about why there isn't an established Monty Python Day already. I wondered if it might be something to do with the absurdist, chaotic nature of the humour that doesn't appeal to everyone in its entirety (e.g. some fans like the movies but not the Flying Circus, or they like some of the sketches but not others, or they don't like the animation or whatever). Or perhaps it's to do with the fact the Monty Python is a big money-making industry and some people feel that a Monty Python Day would be about as interesting as a Celebrate Microsoft Day. Or maybe, like Mrs. Cutout, fans don't feel that any particular date is more Pythonesque than any other day of the year.

mrsCutout at 6:29 am September 20

YesI feel that haha! I catch me self reciting lines every day and laughing on my own...But as for me I always thought that 5/10 was the Monty Python day in any way,I mean I always did celebrate by watching episodes and films....

Johnnyrose: 5/10: the MP Day!

ThankYouSaystheGreatQueen: I definitely think it should be October 5th, since Flying Circus was essentially the birth of Python itself. But that's just me.

TheRealGilliamFan: I agree with everyone else on the 5th of October. So who do we petition to get it official? Or should we just declare it ourselves haha? And it should begin at 12am, October 5th, UK timezone.

genji at 1:36 am September 20

5 October is fast approaching. From reading about Talk Like A Pirate Day I believe these things start small and gather momentum. I would guess that first some kind of celebratory activities should be planned, and then promoted via the usual channels - Facebook, Twitter, any other forums you're a member of of, etc.

TheRealGilliamFan at 2:29 pm September 19

...though it would be a bittersweet date. Graham died on October 4th.

mrsCutout: OMG ! I just realised that! I knew about that on Facebook and on Dune Castle and about the Tawel Day ..What a shame.But as Mrs.AT for me the 5th of October is always a Python day(well it's everyday for me but this one is the official haha)so I agree it's the best one!

genji at 11:10 am September 19

Well, Mrs. Cutout, given that the 50th anniversary of the birth of Monty Python is but nine fleeting years away (which reminds me, I have another thread to write...), the 5 October would fuse nicely with them thar celebrations, jim lad, oo-arr, don't you think?

mrsCutout at 1:50 pm September 19

Hey I think so too! But what can we do?ok an earlier date might suit us best since it's more likely they'll be alive and we will be able to go one of these reunions....but for me the 5th of october will always be the Python day for me!hehehe

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: They have a Migratory Bird Day (but of course African swallows are non-migratory) and a bloody Towel day (WTF), yet they don't have a Python day?! Disgraceful! Blasphemy I say! Blasphemy!

I've always recognised 5th October as the official birth of Python, so I think that's the best date... for me, anyway :)

genji at 3:49 am September 19

That's my feeling, too, Mrs A.T. Although what became Monty Python existed in various TV and radio streams prior to 5 October 1969, the moment they coalesced from a fan perspective was on that date, but it would be interesting to read any opinions on the justification for other dates, which may lead to an answer to my other question.

Oh, and - does anyone know why this year's Doune Castle event was renamed "The First Farewell Monty Python Day"? Why "Farewell"?

mrsCutout at 1:51 pm September 19

Coool! I didn't know that ah! I'd love to go once!