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Information of video.
The regional news program "Look North" from 23 May 1973 featured a news report from the Monty Python team as they were touring around the country with the Monty Python stage show. The report features Graham Chapman, Michael Palin and Terry Jones.

Interestingly the clip starts with what looks like an earlier interview on the set of the "Hermits" sketch from 1969 with John Cleese and featuring the other Pythons, including Graham Chapman in character as The Colonel.

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mrsCutout: lol! i love this interview! i had posted it some time ago but it was posted again i think haha! couldn't find it though thanks a lot!

sit-on-my-face: Well, now we know that the grail is sort of a dodo with a big beak and that sir Monty python is in fact a black homosexual. Thanks Gray, my love!