Is it Carol in this commercial?

Well, it does looks like her...

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MontyPython93: Haha wow :D

Alainainthesky: My, isn't she a lovely lady (:

mrsCutout: Wow it's Carol! Haha who would have thought?

thewastelandr: It IS her!!! How gorgeous she is!

larsen525: It is indeed her. See
for confirmation.

Johnnyrose at 12:45 pm July 12

Nice spoted, Larsen525! Thanks (again!) for the info!!

kisch: What a great find!! Looks like Carol indeed, and I LOVE Pimms!!!

Johnnyrose at 4:15 am July 11

... and I never herd about Pimms... till now... :0)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I remember seeing this on TV and never took a second thought that THAT WAS CAROL.

Johnnyrose at 4:15 am July 11

How could you missed???

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:57 am July 12

I know, I know I'm sorry. I usually never pay any attention to adverts when they come on TV, so I never noticed at all.
Forgive this disgraceful little being that I am...

Hanri: Oh Johnny, you Carol-a-holic! :) Great find!

Johnnyrose at 4:14 am July 11

You know me... :0)

Holly: I want her strawberry dog!

Johnnyrose: Yes, it's her...