is it news or a python-skit?

aftonbladets top story today: live broadcast from the royal palace in stockholm and haga because a royal person is pregnant. and as you can see in the picture that the broadcast is really action-packed. a rigid guard on one, on a dirt road with a few people with their backs to the other.
for some reason I find this incredibly funny. cant you just hear john cleese as a speaker going in telling us what we see? HAHA!

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mrsCutout: lol! Yeah!

Pantomime horse: And what do you think of this:

PS. Sorry for all my language errors! Hope you don't bother that much..

Mathematician changes his house into a sauna for PI

22 oktober 2011

TOKYO - A Japanese and an American mathematician gone very far to reach the ten trillionth number of PI, the number which indicate the ratio between the diameter and the perimeter of a circle. The obsessive pair wanted so badly to reach the number that they developed a supercomputer. This constantly working computer, which eventually discovered the particularly number, which is moreover five, resulted that in their house it was often 104 Fahrenheit!

The energy bill increased to 280 euros/350 pounds each month.

"Surely the laundry was almost immediately dry." Said Shigeru Kondo's wife.

I immediately see Eric saying that about the laundry! XD