Its the little things

A random collection of pics that make me smile.

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mrsCutout: I love the mike pics so much! I love them all actually but mike's i've never seen before!

Holly at 7:47 pm May 21

glad you like them :) some of them are screen caps I made from a documentary he made that was a special feature on my Ripping Yarns collection

Lady and Laird Candermine:

oh.. I LIKE IT AGAIN... sweet photos that make ya HAPPY.. all for it.. thanks Holly
it is just me or do I sense a thigh leg.. nakeness going on there.. oh and guitar . .. LOL

Holly at 6:14 am May 21

lol...nakedness....*heavy sigh* so many improper thoughts

Lvndr HppE at 6:35 am May 21

I love it. Everyone who plays Terry gets to direct and play the naked organist.

Lady and Laird Candermine at 8:22 pm May 21

yes please

the_thina at 8:04 am May 21

dont forget about the nude... orchestra? if 4 men can be an orchestra...

Lvndr HppE at 9:18 pm May 21

The naked stringed quartet. Oh, the "stringed quartet" would work soo much if they were wearing thongs!!!

Holly at 7:48 pm May 21

so much thigh

Lady and Laird Candermine at 8:22 pm May 21

that is alot of thigh ... butt that it nice ...

Lvndr HppE: I love the picture of Michael Palin in the library. I love a man with a thirst for knowledge. {drools}

Holly at 7:13 pm May 20

do you need a hanky?

Lvndr HppE at 8:19 pm May 20

Yes, thank you.

Holly at 8:47 pm May 20

it has Micheal's monogram embroidered on it

the_thina: oh look at little puberty mike there at the end. good job he growed into those ears. aaaaw. haha

Holly at 7:13 pm May 20

he looks so innocent. In the travel documentaries he makes comments about having a big nose every once and awhile.

the_thina at 8:06 am May 21

haha. yeah he has got a pretty big nose. that we knew even from life of brian. but who cares, it suits him. :)

Lvndr HppE: I love this last picture. I've got the perfect caption for it, too!

Holly at 7:11 pm May 20

ooh, I'd like to hear it

Lvndr HppE at 8:18 pm May 20

That's what happens when you ask John to do a silly walk.


Ok Not a Python, but a combination of two things I love ..Monty Python and LOL Cats!!

upperclasstwit at 12:43 am April 04


Holly at 9:18 pm April 04

That's great! Thank You!


I wish I would have check my facebook messages sooner, this was today & I missed it!


Michael w/ his childhood friend

Holly at 9:11 am March 14

Michael w/ his childhood friend all grown up

thewastelandr at 9:23 am March 14

His friend still looks the same... hahaha!


Here's one for you!

Lvndr HppE at 7:53 pm February 16

Where's this from? It's definately pre-Python.

the_thina at 6:49 am February 25

1948 show

Holly at 11:10 am February 16

Thanks :) that made me laugh

thewastelandr at 11:24 am February 16

Me too :)

the_thina at 2:34 pm February 16

hey, dont forgett this one!

thewastelandr at 2:41 pm February 16

Hehehe.... soooo cute! And this one!

the_thina at 2:44 pm February 16

haha. oh silly boys, how we love them.:)

Holly: My parents went to Best Buy last night to buy a new computer & they also picked up "Time Bandits" for me, it was in the $5.00 bin. My dad saw the name John Cleese on the box & he thought I'd like it ;) I'm such a daddy's girl

Lvndr HppE at 10:58 pm February 15

Your Best Buy had Time Bandits! I can't find their videos anywhere but online!!! Lucky!!!

Holly at 10:47 am February 16

I saw it on their web site too, w/ special features. I'm going to buy that one & give the one my dad gave me to my sister, or just keep it @ his house so I have something interesting to watch when I'm over there.

thewastelandr at 10:07 am February 14

Aww what a sweet dad you have!!! :)

Holly at 10:15 am February 14

he must really be pleased w/ me, or maybe its pity of my financial situation, b/c today he just ordered me 2 new Monty Python posters for my cottage.

thewastelandr at 10:48 am February 14

AWWWWWW I'm so happy for you! :) He's so sweet! By the way, I need to hear boy updates from you!

Paute: Oh! Excellent photos!.
TJ... it´s... it´s.. indescribable.
So cute


This is completely non-Python related, but I just wanted to share...this is the cake my sister made for my niece's 1st birthday.

Holly at 8:27 pm January 23

and here she is enjoying it!

Lvndr HppE at 9:47 pm January 24

lol! Why is it that when you're a child, being covered with frosting like this is so cute and take your picture, but when you become an adult, they hand you a napkin, and tell you to wipe it all off?

Holly at 10:20 pm January 24

exactly, heaven forbid an adult should thoroughly enjoy their cake. I'd take it as a compliment if it were a cake I made.

Lady and Laird Candermine at 5:44 pm January 25

dreamy cakes and an excellent messy photo!!!! love it!


Lvndr HppE at 5:53 pm January 25

ha ha ha. I was thinking about that sketch yesterday. Especially the part that when Graham turns and says "If it lays an egg. . . it'll fall down the back of the telly!" And I have to say, John Cleese does not know how to sit like a lady. Anyone else notice that?

Holly at 7:03 pm January 25

yup, I looked. In the Pearl Harbor reenactment, Micheal does such a good job standing like a lady. When ever I think about them in drag, my mind always goes to that.

Lady and Laird Candermine: Just when ya think there couldn't be more photos out there... here they are... great collection!!! love em Holly thank you!!!!