It's in the performance!

Sometimes things in Python are funny because of the way they're said - the performance of a particular person - as well as the actual writing, maybe more than the writing. Here are my current faves.

Graham: 'Oooh, motocross!' (Showjumping)
Graham: 'You've never been south of Sidcup!' (New Brain from Curry's)
Carol: 'You do duck down and shout "Hey! Balloons!" When there are none about!' (The Golden Age of Ballooning)
Eric: 'Really, Mansfield!' (Woody & Tinny Words)
Terry J: 'I think he's right about the coons, but then I'm a bit mental.' (Minehead By-Election)
John: 'Well!' (Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion visit Jean-Paul Sartre)
Graham: 'They stamp them when they're small!' (Penguin on TV)
Michael: 'Perhaps we can make it worse by shouting at her.' (The Spanish Inquisition)
Michael: 'Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!' (Holy Grail)

I’m sure there are lots to add. :-)

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Lvndr HppE: This isn't Python, but it is Python related! So, I was just watching A Fish Called Wanda, when I remembered a few performances that I absolutely loved.
Wanda: I'm sorry about my brother, Ken. He can be so insensitive. He's had a hard life. Dad used to beat him up.
Ken: {nods} Good.

Archie: How extraordinary. You are a true Vulgarian, aren't you?

Ken: Heart attack {shows Otto with his arm by dropping it} Fump.

J.Gambolputty: Oh oh, and Michael saying: 'Any clues, eh?' (in ep. 22) is quite hilarious.

a_nervous_wreck: Oh where to begin? I know!

Graham: Intercourse! (Woody words sketch)

Terry J in the brain specialist sketch where he bursts through the wall right next to the door

Mike: Spare a few coins for an old ex-leper? (LoB)

Graham: Are you a poofta?
Terry G (in a fairy tutu thing): I should think not! (I can't remember where that's from :()

John: Well you've had the operation you strange person. (The one where Raymond L. Yacht comes in for plastic surgery)

Eric: Please fondle my bum (Dirty Hungarian Phrase Book/Court Scene)

Carol: Have you come to arrange a holiday, or would you like a blowjob? (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)

Here Comes Another One at 2:55 am March 25

All of those are awesome. I'm so glad I started this thread! :-)

Here Comes Another One: JG & King Brian: those are another two faves of mine.

Another few:

Terry J: The man from Colgate gave me a catalogue. (Toothpaste campaign)

Graham: It's BLEEDIN' WEIRD having the Tudor nobility sitting around on motorised bicycles! (Erizabeth 1)

Eric: Formidaaaaabluuuuuh! (Cycling Tour)

Graham: Look I told you, you bastard, I am not on a wire! (Flying Lessons)

Eric's whole performance in the Political Choreography sketch

Terry J: Angus Podgorney, what DO you mean? (SF sketch) (how I forgot that for my 1st post I have no idea!!!)

Terry J as King Otto with the Hammond organ (German episode)

King Brian the Wild: My favourite is the Parrot Sketch (first TSPB version) with John shouting: "Pining for the fjooooooooooooords?" and Michael breaking up. Just terrific. Btw this version can be watched here in the sketches-zone in Pythonline (I already put my comment there ;-) )

J.Gambolputty: Graham: 'He asked me, he asked me!' (That's the first one I could think of)

l_wojcik: It's a line, it's just a funy thing in Holy Grail... Ilaugh like crazy every time that I see the prine shoot the arrow so effortlessly through the window and then how quickly and far it goes. It just kills me!

Miioo: One of my favourites is they tone of Michael's voice when he's saying "No" all the time in the Cheese Shop Sketch.

Here Comes Another One at 11:25 pm March 23

Good one - I like how he says 'No' and 'Go Away' in Rival Documentaries. I can't believe I forgot those! And the way he says 'Well you can't!' when he's interviewing Raymond Luxury-Yacht.