John Cleese Anti-Smoking Commercial


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MrSPGUMBY: I wish they would show these commercials in Canada, john Cleese the underrated Python.
is he? he is - a bit a bit.
wink wink nudge nudge

CleeseGirlPinkie: i cant stop watching Cleese
adds its like addicting!
so addicting!
i may have a cleese addicting probleme
have u seen his pop adds
good god :3

bakerstreet: another funny move

mrsCutout: thnks so much! lol! What a good man!

thewastelandr: Perfect! He looks young-ish... was it made in the 80s or 90s perhaps?

TheSister91: lol.. very educative

housepet1: Hilarious, even if a little morbid... only John can deliver a line like that! :-D

the_thina: I have seen another one, but not this.. when was this made? its for a better cause then some other comercials he has made, thats for sure.

the_thina at 4:46 am November 11

ps: thanks for shairing