John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Futile Comments

Fresh from the official Monty Python YouTube channel!

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French Taunter: Hehehee!^^ I was just wondering when we wil have the comments of "John Cleese"! ;)

mrsCutout: Hahah saw this last night!!!! LOVE IT!

Johnnyrose: "Bwilliant", as allways! :0)

GloriaTheWarrior: I can't believe they really choose crappy comments like 'it's easy to masturbate to this' Every bloody time! I write nice comments and they never see it.....bastards....>:(

mrsCutout at 5:13 pm February 18

well noody pays attention..

Wasara at 5:54 am February 28

History Channel=Hitler Channel-that makes me think!!!