john cleese elgiganten ads, at last on youtube

dont know if you guys remember that last year I was on about the comercials john made for elgiganten that was aired here in scandinavia.
now I at last have found a few of them in the danish version but one or two is missing, on youtube.
one you see here above and the rest can be seen by clicking on these links:

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Lvndr HppE:

My favorite pout, I mean part.

the_thina at 8:58 am June 08

haha, so sweet, like a little boy!

Lady and Laird Candermine: poor john... when he should be vacationing the south of France.... awee.... :)
thanks for posting these Thina...

the_thina at 12:53 pm June 07

south of france?
no problem, have been waiting for them to show up on youtube

sit-on-my-face: I wouldn't like to be her, this is a very cute revenge, I hope she feels ashamed. I like the phone one... And John kissing hamsters' pictures is a treasure. Thank you!

cough at 1:14 pm June 07

yeah, that was the best one. was expecting something cringeworthy again so this was a nice surprise. i wonder what the ex-wife would be thinking if she saw them, maybe "how childish..." fuck her

the_thina at 12:52 pm June 07

haha, dont know if she has even seen these. but she deserves it, taking so much money that he has made making us happy. and what has SHE done? nothing!

sit-on-my-face at 12:47 pm June 08

This story is so unfair. His lifework in the hand of a manipulative pseudo-shrink. I wish she could be brainwashed and forced to sign a paper saying "THIS IS NOT MY MONEY, I'M JUST A BITCH"

the_thina at 12:52 pm June 08

yeah I know! poor poor POOR darling! (and now Im talking about john of course)
ok, id they had kids under 18 that she would take care of by her own I could have understood and even agree that he would give a bit of money once a month or so until they moved to places of their own, but they dont have kids rogether, so its just so.... GAH!

mrsCutout: haha he is so adorable! Pour John! Oh dear loved it thank you thina!you are so lucky to see such commercials!

the_thina at 5:56 am June 07

haha, wel, these were shown for 1 week last fall... so we dont get much comercials like this, pretty much the same crap as the rest of the world, but I can tell you, that week I had the tv on from when I woke up till I fell asleep and just waited for the comercials. :P