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Sometime ago another member of Pythonline mentioned in her blog that you could sign up to get messages from John Cleese in your e-mail. I can't remember who that was but I'm grateful to whoever it was.

Anyway I just read the latest message and I thought I'd share it here:

"Dear friends,

I've often maintained that the members of my forum

are far more brilliant than Palin's fans and you've proved it now. Just look at what you've done!

You've sent me giant, signed underpants that made their way from person-to-person, like some sort of burlesque chain letter. (I've got Garry modeling them. Doesn't he look fetching?).

Not content to stop at plus-sized panties, you’ve created a book of insanity that will certainly prove, once and for all, that my forum fans are certifiable! I am touched that you are donating proceeds

from the book, and the digital download of the book, to my favourite charities. Thank you.

Book of insanity

And why have you gone to all this trouble? Because you wanted me to have a good laugh on my 70th birthday. Though it was more than six months ago, I do appreciate the illustration of tardiness on the book jacket.

Your kind gift arrived when I'd returned home from knee surgery and provided such a tremendous lift in spirits, it was better than a birthday.

And, to every one of you who sent me well-wishes for a speedy recovery from knee surgery, thank you. I'm feeling quite bionic now and, as you see, I look dashing with my new Harley.

You've warmed all four cockles of my quad-cockled heart.
The Voice of Reason

I'm being immortalised in a video game

. I am voicing Jasper, the butler to the hero (or heroine) in Fable 3, to be released this fall. I'm grateful that they made my character so central to the story - and they gave me a pony tail, which was very exciting.

In case you want to hear my dulcet tones sooner, I have reprised my role as King Harold in Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter

, which should be playing in a cinema near you any day now.
Born to Be Wild

My Very First UK Tour

Yes, dear friends, it's true: At long last I am bringing the Alimony Tour to the UK. Why should the Americans and Scandinavians be the only ones to enjoy the delightful details of my tortured love life and advancing physical entropy? No, no, no! I must spread this joy far and wide, enlightening my fellow citizens to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle that I now enjoy as a septegenarian.

I hope you can join me next year:

May 3rd - Cambridge, Corn Exchange
May 10th - Birmingham, Hippodrome
May 11th - Birmingham, Hippodrome
May 24th – Salford Quays, The Lowry Centre
May 31st - Liverpool, Empire Theatre
June 3rd - Leeds, Grand Theatre and Opera House
June 10th - Edinburgh Festival
June 17th - Oxford, New Theatre
June 21st - Bristol, Hippodrome

Please double check these dates and venues for changes and make sure I'm still alive

before you show up.

When you ring up for tickets, have a little fun and be sure to tell the agent in hushed tones that the password is "pickled herring." It won't get you a discount but it will cause mass confusion and make you sound like a spy. Or a loon.

Until next time gentle folk,

Jack "Born To Be Wild" Cheese"

btw: here's a link to the book that John was referring to:

Most of the images I posted in this entry are from the message from John Cleese. If anyone wants me to post any of the images individually let me know.

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Lvndr HppE: I think I actually signed up for this forum, but I'm always on here so I didn't know about this. Shame. Maybe we should do something like this!

mrsCutout: WOWOWO this is amazing he realy did sent this message? omg haha how funny he is amazing! I wanna sign up i didn't know a place like this existed thank you so much BWILLIANT!

Lvndr HppE: I would have loved to have signed those undies.

sit-on-my-face: HOW DO WE GET THOSE MAILS?! This is great, thanks.

cough at 4:14 am June 13

but you won't get this one, as it's already been sent

sit-on-my-face at 10:30 am June 13

Thank youuu!