Saturday September 18,2010

COMEDIAN John Cleese has paid tribute to the man who inspired Fawlty Towers following his widow’s death.

Beatrice and Donald Sinclair owned the former Hotel Gleneagles in Torquay where the Pythons, including Michael Palin, stayed in 1971

John, 70, based his character Basil Fawlty in the BBC sitcom on Donald.

Beatrice, who died on Monday aged 95, felt it was a slur on her war-hero husband and, after a 30-year silence, spoke out claiming it was unfair.

But a spokesman said: “John was sorry to hear the sad news but he’d like to take this opportunity to thank her and her late husband for all they did for British comedy.” Palin, 67, always backed John’s summing-up, saying Donald saw them as a “colossal inconvenience”.

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Colonel Daughter: the sinclairs evidently had no sense of humour... I would have been amused. And probably they had some more guests thanks to the show...

A. Lupin: Does anybody ever walk into an Abercrombie store and (besides choke to death from the perfume) immediately think Fawlty Towers when you see the moose head? I half expect it to fall off the wall when the phone rings...

A. Lupin: I love Mike's diaries. (that would sound really crazy if it weren't in the Python context!) and the parts about the Gleneagles are great. I guess it was Mr. Sinclair, but he tossed Eric's suitcase out the window because he thought there were bombs in it.

mrsCutout: Yeye ah! I love that show! Hahaha I am reading in Mike's diaries about that! But i'll agree with genji that it's not a representation! Helloooo!Thanks for sharing btw

genji at 7:00 am September 20

I just started his diaries last night and read the bit where they all scarpered to a different hotel.

genji: I always find it strange how people (including Mrs. Sinclair) consider Basil Fawlty to be a representation of Donald Sinclair, rather than a character inspired by Sinclair's behaviour.