john cleese on skalvan (NOW it should work!)

EDIT: the first upload didnt work since it was 18 minutes, so now I have made 2 parts. part 1 you see above.
part 2:

now I have finally found a free ripping-program again and have upladed the interview with john on skalvan! not the best quality, since I only could rip one chapter (5 minutes) at a time and then put it together in win moviemaker, so thats why it looses a few seconds between eatch chapter. (I just uploaded it, might take a few minutes before the link works)

john cleese visit the swedish/norweigan talkshow skalvan in april 2010. he talks about the icelandic vulcano, his divorce, his new girlfriend, his mother. his hip- and knee-surjories and more.
with him in the studio is a monk, a bigamist, and swedish singer robyn.

I also have uploaded terry jones visit to the same show follow this link to see it:

and while you ate still there you can check out my chanel and mayne subscribe. these two arent the only python-things and wont be the last.
if you have anything you want me to upload now when I have a ripping-program feel free to ask, and if I have it in region 2 (witch is the only thing that works in my pc) I can uplad it.
thinking about uplading when bruce dickinson sings in almost the truth, for my brother. ^^

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Lvndr HppE: What language are the subtitles?

the_thina at 5:46 am June 13


Lvndr HppE at 6:28 am June 13


Lvndr HppE at 8:16 am June 12

Oh,yeah. I remember this. Robyn asks him if he would do a silly walk for her and he gives her this look that says "I will destroy you"

kisch: Thank you so much Thina!!!! I so wanted to have it on my computer without having to go to Internet and watching it there:)
And thank you for Jonesy too!!

the_thina: hey guys, I spent half night to get the bleeding thing to work, but so far only 2 have seen it. :(
come on! I did this for YOU!

mrsCutout at 5:58 am June 11

Oh I saw it on Facebook too! I've made one or two comments as well! Thanks so much for uploading btw :) oh I just love him he is so funny in this interview !like the hosts too!

the_thina at 7:05 am June 12

there only is ONE host. the others are gests that had been on before him

the_thina at 7:06 am June 12


mrsCutout at 3:56 am June 15

yeah i know that sorry! I was thinking of another show it reminded of me with two hosts so I got confused! :D

the_thina at 6:11 am June 15

ok. :)