John Cleese walks in Stockholm, Sweden

For whom may concern:

John Cleese Circus Stockholm Tickets

Looking for a good laugh at a comedy show, then what is holding you back? Be ready for an amazing comedy show in Stockholm, where you can watch John Cleese at Circus Stockholm! Whether you like comedy, musical, or watching a play, you can find the best tickets over here. Indulge yourself in a performance of John Cleese in Stockholm, Sweden, and have the time of your life! This splendid comedy show will be on 11-10-2010, so order John Cleese tickets for John Cleese at Circus Stockholm right away at

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mrsCutout: thank you! I wish i couls go!

the_thina: I read about this about a month ago... if there is any tickets left at all now I would be supriced

kisch at 11:04 am February 27

I think there are tix left, it oesn't say sold out.

the_thina at 11:32 am February 27

hmmm. well, I cant afford to go anyway. so I will pretend they are sold out so I dont have to have angsiety about him comming here

kisch: Johhny, you are the king of news!! Thank you for this, I'd love to see JC anв I love Stockholm, but it's too early for me to know if I can go or not...
Still, hope our Swedish an Scaninavian friends will go!

Johnnyrose at 10:32 am February 27

We are a bit too far... a bit... :0(

mrsCutout at 11:03 am February 27