John Cleesse talks about a Python Reunion

I found this info on facebook....I do hope they actualy make a reunion!!!!!
"Comedian John Cleese made his name as the tall gentleman in Monty Python-hit series that dared to push the borders during the 60 - and 70's.
But the comedy team parted. John continued with the equally successful series "Fawlty Towers" which he created with his ex-wife Connie Booth.
Now, says Cleese that he would consider a reunion.

"Should be fun"
- I often talk about it over dinner with Michael Palin. It would be fun, "says John Cleese.
- But I do not think it would be relevant to the whole group. It would probably take place in different configurations in this case, says John Cleese.
- There is no way with the whole gang, we have moved in different directions too. I have a feeling that Eric did not want to do it.
So far the discussions have stalled at just discussions."

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mrsCutout: Had we known back then that this day would come....

the_thina: haha, a word by word-translated article from expressen. sadly expressen is not swedens most trusted truth-teller, more a gossip-magazine...

mrsCutout at 3:36 pm March 24

Well....stil! It could be true!!!!! Hope it is actualy!

the_thina at 4:36 pm March 24

well, its ok for you to hope, but personally, I dont

a_nervous_wreck at 3:44 pm March 24

Yeah, but a reunion without Graham is like Ringo and Paul doing a reunion without John and George. It just wouldn't be the same

the_thina at 4:35 pm March 24

exactly my oppinion! sure, I know many who would cream their pants if the python were getting back together, but since I first learned that graham was dead I have never wanted it..

mrsCutout at 4:48 pm March 25

Hey Graham will always be in ours and their memory! A reunion doesn't mean we forgot him nor that he doesn't mean much.He meant everyhting and i bet he'd love them to reunite!And they could always have him with them!Use old interviews videos and images of him.It won't only be a python reunion but also a Remembering Graham bit....

a_nervous_wreck at 11:52 pm March 25

Oh I completely agree, but what I'm saying is that it just wouldn't be the same. I would still love for it to happen, but my favorite python wouldn't be there with them being the looney he always was. But I do completely agree with you, he would be there in spirit wetting himself along with the rest of us :)