john. last night

last night a friend of mine went to see johns new show in stockholm. (obviously Im very jealous of her!)
here is a picture she took and a video she made. not much, but since she was on first row right in front of him she didnt dare to take much photos and videos.

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The Ex-Leper: I bloody love this man wish I could see him live :/

kissmyarrrtichoke: Woo! I'm seeing him in Oxford New Theatre next year on his UK tour :)
Just seen Spamalot there 2 weeks ago too. Can't wait for John, will be the last Python I haven't seen cos he wasn't at Messiah. Oh and Graham, whenever he bothers to turn up, being dead is no excuse Mr Chapman.

mrsCutout at 3:04 pm November 10

Hahaa Well it IS no excuse indeed!
WOWOWW you'll see him!? And you've seen the rest? Lucky you!!

Lvndr HppE: I love it! Thanks for posting this!

Kasmira: Look who's here! Me! :D And yeah, Thina's friend is a very very happy lucky bastard. ;) John were again so close but still so far away.

Kasmira at 12:15 am October 23

John were... Yes, he's much more than one people! :D I'm sorry, it is morning and I just waked up!

Kasmira at 12:20 am October 23

This morning "people" means also "person". :D

MontyMaria: OMG! :O

the_thina at 6:16 am October 22

omg indeed

Paute: Lucky bastard girl!

(That´s it)

mrsCutout: OMG Thina this is great! I envy you!!!!! But thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!

the_thina at 2:08 pm October 19

envy ME? it wasent me who was there... ;)

mrsCutout at 3:36 pm October 22

Oh well!He was near you nonetheless!

Colonel Daughter: sooooooooooo envious/sad... I hope someday somebody will make the entire video, or the transcript... or something... for those who don't get to see him live. :)

the_thina at 10:30 am October 19

oh, that would be great!

kisch at 11:47 am October 20

I'm hoping to record an audio of Oxford talk in June, if it comes out well, I'll share!

Colonel Daughter at 3:01 pm October 22

oooohhh THANK YOU, K.! *fingerscrossed*

kisch: Thank you both Thina and your friend! I can't wait to see him myself next June in Oxford!
He's a very good lecturer, talking very clear and very precise.

the_thina at 8:32 am October 19

yes, I think he would have made a good teacher if he had decided to go that way. :)

kisch at 11:52 am October 19

He did teach briefly, in his old scholl as far as I know. I'd love to be one of his pupils:)

the_thina at 12:21 pm October 19

yes I have heard that as well. :)

LemonCurry95: Aw...jealous much! I'd love to go and see him, but the tickets are ridiculously expensive, apparently. My aunt hinted at taking me, but I'm not sure that she actually will. Still, your friend is ever so lucky x Brilliant picture + video : )

the_thina at 7:35 am October 19

yes, here they cost 700 kr. I think it was (of course I went in to see what they would cost when I first heard about it) compare that with an ordinary concert ticket that is between 200 and 300 kr. :/ dont know what the krona is on the scae with pounds, but 1 dollar is about 10 kr, that much I know. and 700 is about a third of what I have to live on for a whole month when the bills are payed, if you then add train-tickets.... it was just no way I would be able to afford it. :(

LemonCurry95 at 6:56 am October 23

Whoa...The ticket prices I saw were pretty damn expensive. At least there's always DVD's and YouTube for us poor sods who miss out on this stuff : P

genji at 10:24 am October 19

Our tickets were pretty reasonable - I think they were £37 each including booking fees. I don't know if more expensive tickets were all sold out but they were the most expensive we could get. There were cheaper tickets still available.

the_thina at 10:29 am October 19

here the whole arena sold out in just a few hours. :( but he has said that he likes scandinavia and us who live here, so I can only hope he is comming back sometime when I have the money

genji at 10:31 am October 19

Yeah - I wondered if Sunday night was an additional date because it wasn't on his original schedule.

the_thina at 10:34 am October 19

that is possible. I read when it was first announced that they might put in extra-nights if the preassure for tickets was big. and us swedes has always loved john/python. in fact brittish comedy at all has always worked very well here

genji: Brilliant, thina. I'm going to see him in the UK but not until 31 May so I was excited to see you post this. Thanks to you and your friend.

Do you know anything about the format of the show? Obviously we can see it's mostly a retrospective of his career and some clips, which he discusses. Is there a Q&A or any acting or is the whole show like a lecture?

Your friend had much better seats than we've been able to book.

the_thina at 7:30 am October 19

glad you enjoyed it. :)

and no, from what I have understood its just him talking about everything he has done from the frost report up until now, and showing clips (grahams memorial is one of them, and others are movies and shows), I dont think it is a Q&A at the end. sadly. even if one allready know a lot about him and what he has done it would be nice to be able to ask him things.

and yes, hedvig (as her name is) was hanging on the phone for booking the ticket the moment they opened the day they were released, so she had one of the best seats in the house. she said she got eye-contact with him several times. they were THAT close. just that he was 4 meters up in the air. haha. first the stage 2 meters up then you add his 195 or what it is cm of body. ^^