john in monster-movie

buying christmas-gifts today I stumbeld upon "mary shellys frankenstein" from 94.
I bought it since Ive always loved monster-movies and my main drool helena b-c was in it.
but imagine my suprice when I saw a python in it!
but if it wasent for his eyes and voice I would never recignize him

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Lady April: Ohhhh Johnneh! I loves me somma him in ANYTHING!!!

housepet1: I love this movie so much!!! It has always been one of my favorites! Ken Branagh was vilified for using John in a serious role in this film. I think that was a brilliant decision and John was superb in it!

the_thina at 4:55 pm December 10

I always loved dracula (the one with gary oldman) and heard that this wuld be just as good, and it was. just less cool handmade effectsin it

sit-on-my-face: He says NI!!!!

the_thina at 4:53 pm December 10

actually its a man with plage who says "NI"
the whole sentinse in swedich is "you cant force me totake that shoot!"

sit-on-my-face at 4:56 pm December 10

So that's what it means.. han han!

the_thina at 5:02 pm December 10

in swedish "!ni" means you as in more than one person, but in formal occautions like talking to roayaty pepeolesay "ni" aboutoneperson too... if you understand

mrsCutout: Wow!I have seen another version of the movie not this one!i'll try to find it ofc!thanks a lot!i love monster movies too!i have plenty!

the_thina at 9:01 am December 05

yeah do that. john is not in it for long though, but if yiu like monster-movies (or love john enough) its worth it! :)and its a good movie. very sad of course... and stays pretty honest to the book

TheSister91: O_O same here!!!

flopsy_mrs: yay :) thank you thina :) i'll go c if i can find it somewhere :) you're the best :) you're a really python spotter cause as you siad you have to know alot about john to spot him in that outfit xd ;)

the_thina at 8:58 am December 05

well, at least you have to have heard his normal speaking-voice enough to recognize it. the voice and the eyes was what made me raelize it was him. but I still had to do a double-check on imdb haha