john on "sen kväll med luuk"

just came to think of a thing. like 12 years ago john visited a swedish talkshow called "sen kväll med luuk". the only thing I think I remember was that he was trying on like 10 pairs of different glasses for some reason.
and the host always played "arga leken" with his guests, that is that they are quiet and stair into eatch others eyes and the first one to giggle lost the game. dont know if he played it with john or the other guest that was on that night, but I would think he played with john, and lost...
this was the year I moved away from home, so I didnt have a video at the moment so I could not tape it. but I would love to see it again so my question is simply, has anyone got a link from youtube or a similar page where I can see it again?
I do however have this picture from the visit at the show, just found it and thats why the memories hit me. the host is the guy in the middle.

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WackyQueen: saknar sen kväll med luuk :D

the_thina at 10:30 am November 19

jag med. han var så söt å rolig. å pappi raul å dan bäckman. det var bättre förr... typ