john in the start of a show

dont know quite where to put it, but since it is a fawlty towers-animation I chose animations. no gilliam in this, sorry.
been watching episodes of a show called "100 höjdare" that my two favourites amongst swedish looneys filip and fredrik had a few years ago. had completely forgotten, but in the opening credits of the show there is this moving fawlty towers-pic digging along to the song "pretty berlinda" :)
the show was these two wonderful and very funny men listing the 100 most funny moments in history. 10 new vids every week under a theme like "the ten worst brain-malfunctions after WW2" (efterkrigs-tidens tio tyngsta hjärnsläpp)
dont remember if they ever showed a fawlty towers-clip in the show or just wanted to honor it in general. anyway, here you have the print-screen of it! :)
the first time Im uploading a pic after the new pythonline was done, and pray to brian that it will work..

edit: e link to the intro (not with john in it tough, they where changing the animations around) if someone wants to see, I personally think the intro is fun. wtf, david hasselhof giving birth?

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flopsy_mrs: yay nice one :)