johns lips!

ok, this will probobly dont have any discussion-value at all, but I was so amazed by myself now I just have to ventilate it!
was watching and interview with john just now and they zoomed in very close to his face. a face I have been watching for my whole life more or less, since my mom loves fawlty towers I certanly had seen him before I discoverd python.
and all of a sudden it hit me that the man has really thin lips, to thin its almost hard to see them. and then I thought its extremely odd that I had never noticed that before. I have noticed his big and very expressive eyes, his slightly banana-shaped face and of course his hight and how he uses it. but never the thin lips.
there, just had to get it out of my system. THIN LIPS!

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genji: I'm off to see him speak words through them round about, oh - now.

mrsCutout: Hahaha! Well I think I had noticed his lipes from the first time....and his very expressive eyes.That's why his face is so dstinctive and it stucks in your memory! What a face!

the_thina at 3:46 pm February 08

well, the eyes as I said I noticed at once. and the shape of his face. big forehead. small nose. all that. but not the lips

l_wojcik: I noticed that his lips were thin once I saw the Lingerie Shop Robber sketch. Don't know why I realised it then but, you simply can't control these things you know...

the_thina at 2:16 pm February 08

yeah, I mean... its not like I walk around thinking about how everyones lips looks... I mainly focus on eyes, and small details that I find cute like crooked teeth and things like that. but still, they ARE very thin, and since I as I said have seen him so much since I was so young.. just found it odd that it took me over 20 years to notice that.

Holly: lol, yes they are!

Tanya_Birklid19: I noticed he has thin lips ever since I started watching Python. Strange.

the_thina at 4:31 pm February 07

yeah, have no idea how I could not register that. for over 20 years.