I have noticed that there are pages for mikey and grey and eric and i haven't seen one for Jonsey who is for me the sexiest (after mikey ofcourse) python.Actually I think they are all very sexy men very very sexy men but i had more pictures of jonsey than of the others so there it is!!He is a very beautifull and kind man and he deserves to have a page so please all of you you are free to post and to comment!!

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Here is a Terry Jones image I animated (you'll have to click on the image to see the animation)

thewastelandr at 8:32 pm January 13

Aww! Happy sad happy sad


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Paute at 6:27 pm January 13

I wan that cake for my birthday!


thnx razoumikine for the lovely picks!!!!!

Razoumikine at 1:43 pm December 07

Your're welcome mrsCutout.Yours are not bad too(I wish it was my birthday's cake,yummy).


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Arthour "two sheds"jackson

thewastelandr at 1:55 pm November 28

I <3 this picture.


here they are!

the_thina: in 50 minutes, go to and klick on "program A-Ö" and then skalvan. terry jones is on tonight! and my favourite singer ever, thåsrtöm :)

mrsCutout at 2:59 pm November 27

I know!I have it in mind :-)

WackyQueen: smeeexxxxyy :D


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mrsCutout at 9:28 am November 26

shit! it isn't good!I hate that

mrsCutout at 9:30 am November 26


Tanya_Birklid19: thrid from the last pic: Where's that screencap from?

mrsCutout at 9:20 am November 26

You mean the one where he is dressed as a knight?I think it is from his documentary series called The Holy Crusades! it was realy nice ;)

mrsCutout at 11:36 am November 26

sorry it's from "Medieval Lives"

Razoumikine at 8:54 am November 27

no no you're right it's from The Holy Crusades.In "Medieval Lives"he's a little bit older

Tanya_Birklid19 at 9:23 am November 27



just noticed a while back what is hanging on the wall behind him.
and you find loads of disturbing stuff when you google "nude organist" btw, it was no fun trying to find this at all

mrsCutout at 9:21 am November 26

Oh i'd say! haha thanks for the try!The photo you found is realy cool!



TheMiracle at 5:39 am November 27

so beautiful!

Paute at 3:02 pm January 13

Oh my god!

WackyQueen at 11:15 am November 27


mrsCutout at 9:26 am November 26

Aww cute boy!

the_thina at 6:56 pm November 25


thewastelandr at 4:35 pm January 13

This is amazing.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 7:52 am November 26

I absolutely love this pic of Jonsey!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 7:53 am November 26

sorry: Jonesy. Spelled it wrong oops

thewastelandr at 9:42 pm November 25

I love this shot! He's brooding.

the_thina at 10:20 pm November 25

hum... english is not my first language so, what does brooding mean?

thewastelandr at 1:56 pm November 28

Kind of dark, melancholy, etc.

mrsCutout at 9:25 am November 26

I cheked it on the vocabulary and i think it might mean somethink that makes you think in a melancholich way but not sure!I love ur pics!

Lady April:

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Lady April:

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Lady April:

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Lady April:

whoops on the image blow, here is a family shot I took oput of the Pythons Autobio book.

mrsCutout at 9:06 am November 25

Oh that is great!I think that jonsey isn't here as he was the third child and when he was born his father was like 70!Is that right??

Lady April at 10:14 am November 25

That is Terry on the left! ;-)

mrsCutout at 10:50 am November 25

Ah such a cute little boy!!:)

Lady April:

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Lady April: Technically there are pages for all of the boys but they have been buried since the site changed. The author of the last Jonesey adoration page has not been around so that probably hasn't helped it.

mrsCutout at 9:04 am November 25

Thank you Lady for all the pics and i must apologize to anyone who had a page like this before!But as I said I just didn't see anything over the past few months so i decided to make one! :)