I have noticed that there are pages for mikey and grey and eric and i haven't seen one for Jonsey who is for me the sexiest (after mikey ofcourse) python.Actually I think they are all very sexy men very very sexy men but i had more pictures of jonsey than of the others so there it is!!He is a very beautifull and kind man and he deserves to have a page so please all of you you are free to post and to comment!!

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Lady April at 10:15 am November 25

It's all good! Miss Tree was the Jonsey page chickie but she does not frequent the P-line these days so might as well begin a new.......

mrsCutout at 10:50 am November 25


pythonnewbie: I love you for doing this!:) And JOnesy definitely deserves this site as he's got tons of sex appeal!*yums*SO does Eric but still...*coughs*Still drooling over the pics u posted!;)

mrsCutout at 9:05 am November 25

Ooh i'm so glad you like it dear!