Just another bloody fan, looking to show off his bloody nonsense

Hello. I am a cartoonist. I am also a long time fan of the Flying Circus. In a sad cry for help, I decided to combine both into a single, cohesive piece of fan art that I ma now sharing, with the rest of you. Feel free to comment, but please be polite, for when confronted with negativity, I tend to go unconscious and wet myself. IF you enjoy this, then go look at this:


I thank you if you like it, for this isn't easy, being a cartoonist. It's not what I wanted. I wanted to be....A LUMBERJA


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mrsCutout: Wow!You are amazing!!I visited the deviantart too and saw all the rest! This is brilliant! If i could draw this way....

TheSister91: that's simply awesome!!

scottp: By the way glad to see you here, we love art dudes

scottp: this stuff you did is GREAT!! Brother you are going to love Mashast its right up your alley. Would love to see your work animated

Hanri: That is fan-tastic! I wish I could draw like that, it would be an endless supply of mashing characters.. If you wanna make 'em walk and talk, download that MashCast up there and ping me if you need help!

Your cartoons really rock!

Lady April: Fabulous man! That is great and so is the other stuff on the link. You Rock!

the_thina: I like it! and I can also see what photo you have based it on, and that is a brill photo. :) I uploaded it on another comunity, but they deleted it because gilliam was naked. :/ I oughta revenge them by uploading all the pics of naked pythons I can find, including brian in the window haha