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With my memory , I can recall an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus in which there was a video accompaniment to the song Delilah by Tom Jones , or someone who sounded very much like him . The video , as I recall it , had either a Spanish or Mexican flavour , was of the silent era , and featured a beautiful señorita or two , bad men in black , horseriding and such like shenanigans . It seemed to be a restructuring of a single motion picture , assembled in such a way as to suit the lyrics of the song as it was sung and the song progressed . I'd hazard a guess to say that it was Gilliam's doing .
Does this ring a bell with any of the readers ? If so can one of them please advise as to which episode this appeared in . I have searched youtube and google for reference , to no avail . It would make for a good stand-alone upload on youtube for one brave enough to flout copyright legislation ( by making reference to hamsters , elderberries and what have you )and would be quite a deal more entertaining for the punters than merely watching Mr Jones make his way through the song .
Hoping for a timely response ,

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